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Are Anxiety and Paranoia Related to each other in any way?


“Worrying is carrying tomorrow's load with today's strength. Worrying doesn't empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”

Are you the one who experience Anxiety and Paranoia? Worrying and its effects are what are common in anxiety and paranoia. Both are related to fear and people think about negative things as very big which otherwise are very common.

Background about Anxiety and Paranoia

According to researchers, anxiety is not an illness which has only psychological roots – whereas, it has many biological reasons as well. When someone has anxiety, the brain cells and their relations change. Neurotransmitters are known to control the emotions and mood. These neurotransmitters start to go in abnormal route which eventually affects the way one thinks. One becomes very negative in thoughts and outlook as compared to the situation when the person is anxiety free.

Paranoid Ideation compared with Social Anxiety

What are different?

Both the situations are completely different although there is lot many overlap areas among the symptoms and the way disease affects people.

Anxiety is the condition in which people have some preoccupied notions about negative events in the future or about wide exposure to public inspection.

Paranoid personality disorder makes person believe that there is a conspiracy about some harm to self by generally bad or malevolent people surrounding them. Although they are socially withdrawn, it is because of the extreme thoughts of possible self harm, they detach from others.

So what is the catch – Are Anxiety and Paranoia Comorbid disorders?

Well, generally speaking, paranoia and other paranoid personality disorders are present in comorbid state with many diseases.  Almost 50 % of the cases of paranoia are known to occur with other psychological diseases. Antisocial behaviour and anxiety are commonly comorbid with paranoia.

Both Anxiety and Paranoia Creates Relationship Troubles

Suspicion and thoughts of self harm by others surrounding you are some of the traits of paranoia and anxiety. And truly speaking, no relationship can work without trust. So the burden bearer is the relationships at the end and they suffer a lot. Suffering person thinks their partner is unfaithful. Just remember that these feeling are due to the neurotransmitters misfiring effects (anxiety and paranoia). Just rely on the hard facts and data for any conclusion. This will make life simpler for you only.

Some facts about Anxiety and Paranoia

According to a Study:

Percentage of people worrying about negative comments being made about them

40% cases of Paranoia

5-10 % in Anxiety

Percentage of people worrying about people deliberately try to irritate them

27 % cases of Paranoia

20 % in Anxiety

Percentage of people worrying about being observed or followed

20 % cases of Paranoia

10 % in Anxiety

Percentage of people worrying about some conspiracy to harm them

5 % cases of Paranoia

1-2 % in Anxiety

Famous people with Anxiety Disorders

Below are some of the famous people who had suffered from Anxiety Disorders:

  1. Abraham Lincoln (president - USA)
  2. Anthony Hopkins (actor)
  3. Cher (singer, actress)
  4. Courtney Love (singer - actress)
  5. Eric Clapton (musician)
  6. Nicole Kidman (actress)
  7. Sigmund Freud (psychiatrist)
  8. Sir Isaac Newton (scientist)

Famous people with Paranoia

Here are some famous people who suffer from Paranoia:

  1. John Nash - Mathematician/Nobel Prize Winner
  2. Vaclav Nijinsky, Famous Russian Dancer
  3. Lionel Aldridge – Superbowl, winning Football Player
  4. Tom Harrell, Jazz Musician

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