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Auditory hallucination also known as paracusia in medical terms is a type of hallucination in which the person experiences sounds from his surroundings or withing their head without any type of auditory stimulus. In this illness, the sufferers get hallucinations that make them believe that someone is talking to them. Simply speaking, if you lot of times hear some voices which call your name or speak with you, but you cannot find the person talking. you may be a victim of auditory hallucinations. As per statistics, around 70% of the schizophrenia patients and 15% of depression, mania and mood disorders patients suffer from auditory hallucinations in some or the other form. There are cases when people often hear voices without any underlying illess or disease.

Lot many times, people who hear voices are listening to them so clearly that they think they have special powers and God is trying to send some message to them. Auditory hallucinations in reality are the false perceptions of sound. Scientifically, they have are postulated as experience of internal words or noises with no origin. They are often unintentional, intrusive, and unwanted. Affected individuals may or may not have insight into the hallucinations. A person with insight will acknowledge that the experience is abnormal and will report less interference with daily activities than a person with no insight.

Prominent cases of Auditory Hallucinations

1. Robert Schumann was a famous music composer who suffered from auditory hallucinations during later phases of his life. He claimed to hear the note A5 sounds from his ears. They gradually became complex and turned into angelic and then demonic voices.

2. Joan of Arc heard voices of Saints and used to follow them since she thought they are directly from God.

3. Brian Wilson is the songwriter and co-founder of the Beach Boys heard voices which he tried to copy and get inspiration from, in his music as well. Most of the voices are derogatory and sometimes they are cheerful.

What are the causes of Auditory Hallucinations?

The major cause of auditory hallucinations is schizophrenia. Mood disorders also correlate with auditory hallucinations, but they are on the milder side as compared to psychosis induced counterpart like schizophrenia. Auditory hallucinations are common sequence in any Major Neurocognitive Disorders like Alzheimer's disease.

Treatment of Auditory Hallucinations

CBT or Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is the most commonly suggested treatment technique of this illness. They help in decreasing the frequency and unrest associated with auditory hallucinations. Enhanced Supportive Therapy also helped in reducing the frequency.

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