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Here the patiehts exhibit mania and depression, or one after another. After schizophrenia, this is more prevalent. This disease occurs among female
;population than male and more prevalent in the urban areas than rural people.

Condition of Mania and Depression

  1. Hypo Mania - In this the patient appear to be happy they accepts every incident and object that they come across with joy.

  2. Acute Mania - In this there is a great excitement and mania than in preceding condition with the result that the patient loses his sense of thought and action. Patient exhibits signs of excessive joy and emotions.

  3. Hyper Mania - In this condition the mania is even more pronounced than in the second stage so that the patient can be observed dancing, singing and laughing with the exuberance madman.

Symptoms of Manic Depressive Disorder

  1. Weakness of perception
  2. Indefinite and vague consciousness
  3. Delusion
  4. Hallucination
  5. Extremely emotional reactions

Causes of Manic Depressive Disorder

  1. Heredity - Present, Strecker, Ebaugh and other Psychologist have concluded that this disease is primarily heredity and there is no doubting that many do have the disease on account of this heredity, but this view does not hold true in each and every case.

  2. Environment - The environment play an important role, particurlarly that of the home and the family.

  3. Physical Disorganization - Some psychologists have attributed the disease to organic disturbance within the body, in particular, disturbances of metabolism, digestive system, mind, blood pressure and endocrine glands. Among the psychologist who has laid stress on such organic disorganization has a part to play in the causing of this disease but this does not explain the disease in this entirety.

  4. Personality Type - According to Jung the disease occurs mostly in individuals who are extrovert. Kretshmer says that it occurs mainly in the case of a cyclothmic personality type. The explanation of this disease is as unscientific and defective as the concept of personality type on which it is based.

  5. Sense of Inferiority: In the opinion of Adler, the main cause of this disease is repression of the individual's urge for self-assertion. Such repression causes sense of inferiority in him. In his opinion mania is caused by self-assertion and depression by anxiety.

  6. Regression and Discipline: In elucidating this disease, lung has laid much stress on the fact of regression towards the anal and oral stages as well as on the discipline of the super ego. This causes feelings of guilt in an individual with the result that he appears depressed. The opposite effect of guilt causes that she/he appears depressed. The opposite effect of guilt causes mania. But all thinkers do not agree on the propriety of Freudian thought in this matter.

  7. Though all this factors do play role in causing manic depression, but psychological influences are far more important.

Treatment of Manic Depressive Disorder

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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