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How to Get Rid of Cognitive Disorders


Cognition is the ability of your brain to think, to process and store information, to solve problems. Cognition is a high level of behaviour unique to humans. Cognitive Disorders is a disorder where a limitation of cognitive functioning is the main feature.


Facts and Tips about Cognitive Disorders

  • Cognitive disorders common mental disorders affect cognitive functions, mainly memory processing, perception and problem solving.
  • Cognitive disorders are lead to some common disorder such as amnesia, dementia and delirium. Others include anxiety disorders for example  phobias, panic disorders, anxiety, stress.
  • Organ failure, infection, tumor, kidneys and nerves disorder, side effects of medication and drugs etc. which are some cause of cognitive disorder.
  • Awareness, problem in perception, reasoning, memory and judgment, schizophrenia and delusional disorder these are symptoms of this disorder.
  • Risk factor of this disorder such as advanced cancer or other serious illness, having more than one disease, dementia, and low levels of albumin protein in the blood, infection, taking medications that affect the mind or behavior.
  • Some tips for treating this disorder for example putting the patient in a quiet, well-lit room with familiar objects, placing a clock or calendar where the patient can see it, reducing noise.

I have a sibling who I believe has some sort of perceptive disorder. She believe,always that she's being wronged by family and basically, our relationship it seems, needs to be on her terms. She seems almost "paranoid" about certain people and gossip because she's intensely private. - Carol

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
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