Every night I cry myself to sleep

I have never seen any one about it or been diagnosed but Ive always known there was something wrong… nearly every night I cry myself to sleep thinking how the world would be better off without me.I was an accident coming into this world and it time the accident be fixed… I’m an awful mother,wife, and employee… my 7 year old tells me im mean even though i treat her like a princess… but i sometimes yell because i ask her to do things like clean her room and other basic things over and over with out her doing them until i finally yell about it… and my husband well he is just never happy with me im just too fat too ugly too lazy and my boobs are too big… all i have ever wanted from him was his love but apparently thats the one thing i cant have (did i mention it will be 3 years on thanksgiving since he told me he loves me?)the one thing i was always good at was my job that was the one place i have always fealt confident at but lately it seems even that isnt going so good…back to my husband everyone thinks he is just so great “an outstanding member of the community” some might say…. and everyone thinks he deserves better than me or at least thats what he has told me… never mind the constant screaming he does at me and the major fits over anything and everything. not to mention the non stop jeolusy….. some times i try to decide which would be better to kill my self … or to leave him … we seperated once but he came right back …. not to mention his parents pretty well own this little town so i could pretty much kiss my daughter good by..If i do decide to take my self out i already know how i will do it… either sleeping pills or pull the car in the garage and let it run…. either way its not messy and i just fall asleep and dont wake up. 

Tempurpedic Mattress to cure sleep disorder
Various treatments of sleeping disorder 

Positive Thinking – Your passport to success

Think positive and this world will be different place for you. Probably, you have heard it so many times. What is positive thinking? Our mind works like a factory churning out so many thoughts. These thoughts command are personality, if we let them be. Whenever a situation arises, we quickly analyze and as a result different thoughts start coming into our mind. Every person nurtures fear of unknown and this is what makes negativity of thoughts which not only irritate us to a great extent but can also lead to devastation.
How do we cultivate positive thinking? The mind need extreme conditioning to develop the thinking of positive thinking. Whenever we are surrounded with the crisis, we immediately switch our mind on the negative track. As a result, the situation worsens and goes out of our hand. Positive thinking changes our perspective and outlook. If you are determined to think positive, nothing can stop you. Most of the times, due to negative thoughts, we dreaden the situation which is not so. In the process, we develop anxiety and restlessness which decreases our productivity. Such a state of mind makes us incompetent. In contrast, positive thinking uplifts your mood instantly.

Explain treatment to patient

Before giving a patient a first prescription for a drug, the doctor should explain several points. He should make clear what effects are likely to be experienced on first taking the drug, e.g. drowsiness or dry mouth. He should also explain how long it will be before therapeutic effects appear and what the first signs are likely to be, e.g. improved sleep after starting a tricyclic antidepressant. He should name any serious effects that must be reported by the patient, such as, coarse tremor after taking lithium.
Finally, he should indicate how long the patient need to take the drug. For some drug such as anxiolytics, the latter information is goven to discourage the patient from taking them for too long; for others, such as antidepressants, it is given to deter the patient from stopping too soon.

Disorders of attention and concentration

Attention is the ability to focus on the matter in hand. Concentration is the ability to maintain that focus. The ability to focus on a selected part of the information reaching the brain is important in many everyday situations e.g. when conversing in a noisy place. It is also important to be able to attend to more than one source of information at the same time, e.g. when conversing while driving a car. 

Attention and concentration may be impaired in a wide variety of psychiatric disorderes including depressive disorders, mania, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia and organic disorders. Therefore the finding of abnormalities of attention and concentration does not assist in diagnosis. Nevertheless, these abnormalities are important in management; e.g. they affect patient’s ability to give or recieve information when interviewed and can interfere with a patient’s ability to work, drive a car or take part in leisure activities. 

Depression Poems

when im depressd or sad i often make up poems here are 2:
My Pain
My heart has been lied to,
broken up into little pieces of pain.
theres no where to hide from it,
theres no way to tell when it will next pounce.
It awaits me,
like a predator stalking its prey,
it follows me where ever i may go,
and its always there when i arrive.
Friendships of mine are always shattered,
just like my heart when it happens.
people say friendships are made to be broken,
i believe the people who say that are the people that break the friendships.
Everyday i cant bear to live another day,
yet everyday i manage to smile,
laugh and have a good time, or so i say,
behind this smile there is a frown.
Behind these tears of joy,
lies tears of sorrow and pain.
let that not fool you,
i will tell you when i am peaceful again.
onli when i forgive the ones that made me this way,
shall i ever b how i used to be.
real laughter and smiles all round,
it will be a long time before anyone sees the real thing, soon.
People say to me, forgive and forget,
but i cant forgive, and i shall never forget.
my heart doesnt lie,
it speaks the truth.
And the truth, even when most solemn, is wat i stick to,
and somtimes the truth hurts more than the pain inside me.
my life will never have new beginnings…..
so y wont this dreaded life ever end?
thy blade
thy blade is my best friend,
its always there,
and its always near.
wheneva im sad,
i reach out for my faithful blade,
and it does wat has to be dun.
it slices throu my soft skin,
the red flesh beneath rippin apart,
the blood oozin out from my arm,
and the d*mn pain of it all stingin inside,
calmin me down, its so soothin.
i no i deserve it,
i always have and always will,
people blame me for everythin,
and i dun blame den,
ive always dun everythin wrong,
i no i do, and so does everyone else.
my life has com to nothin,
so would i care if i cut myself?
no afterall i deserve it,
i deserve everythin i get,
im alrdy filled up with so much pain,
wat would anymore matter?
people say dat i shouldnt cut myself,
its bad for my health emotionally and physically,
but why should i care?
people say a lot of things,
and bsides wat doesnt kill you makes you stronger rite?
my friends say they care,
but why should i believe them?
all my friends have dun is lie to me,
endlessly ova and ova again,
and if they realli did care for me,
then why werent they eva der when i needed them most?
people can say wat they want bout me,
whether im a fake or im real,
i dun care anymore,
my lifes probably gonna end soon anyway….

Depression Medication

Antidepressants or depression medication are drugs specially designed to overcome the problems in brain chemistry that cause depression.
Antidepressants are much more specific than painkillers. The SSRI drugs (marketed as Prozac, Seroxat, Lustral, etc) work specially to raise the levels of serotonin in the brain. Others raise the levels of noradrenalin. Lack of these mood-enhancing substances can cause depression. Raising their levels, a process that usually takes about 10 days, is usually very helpful.
There are side effects but they are often mild, short-lived and pale into insignificance as the depression improves.

While you were sleeping!!

Having trouble sleeping? Constantly tired and irritable? Read this and you’ll soon be nodding off…
• Quality of sleep is as important as the amount. It depends on two nerve centres — the sleep centre and the walking centre. When you begin to fall asleep, the walking centre gradually relaxes and allows the sleep centre to take over. Worries prevent the walking centre from letting go, so push them away.
• Unless your mattress is frim, you may not obtain refreshing sleep which give bones, muscles and mind a chance to recover. Sleeping on a sagging mattress can cause you to wake up tired. Your bed is your best friend; if too small, buy a bigger one, or twin beds, which you can place together.
• Vanquish sleepless nights by practising relaxation exercises, yoga or meditation. Learn to relax your muscles when you go to bed and substitute pleasants thoughts for your worries. Try deep, abdominal breathing and big yawns, which will make you feel tired.
• When sleep won’t come despite your efforts, get up and do something. Write letters, clean out drawers, cupboards or files, sort recipes or read a book. Only return to bed when you feel tired. If you still can’t nod off, laugh at yourself. Laughter is relaxing, so it may enable you to sleep.
• Expect to sleep when you go to bed by adopting a positive approach. Say: “I am really tired so I’ll sleep well tonight.” This encourages your mind to prepare for sleep.
• Try making love. Satisfying sex relaxes the body and encourages sound sleep
Zzzzz… nothing does you quite so much good as a good night’s sleep. It recharges the batteries of your body, provide energy and enthusiasm for the following day. Pleasant dreams!!

Signs of Depression

One or several of the symptoms listed below is usually present in depression. The severity and constancy of the signs make the illness diagnosable as depression. Often other people recognise depression before the person suffering. 

  • Constant tiredness 

  • Wanting to be in bed for long periods. 

  • Long period of sleep or poor sleep. 

  • early morning wakening. 

  • Feeling worse in the mornings. 

  • Over-eating 

  • Loss of appetite 

  • Lack of interest in sex 

  • Lack of interest in things and people. 

  • Becoming isolated from others 

  • Loss of self-esteem and self-worth 

  • feeling and thoughts of suicide 

  • Wories that are going mad 

Depressive Illnesses

When we are physically ill, few of us hesitate to seek treatment but the case is very different if we become mentally ill.
Most people find it very hard to accept that they have a mental health problem. However disorders such as depression, anxiety and fobias are commonplace and in most cases, readily treatable. It is important not to suffer alone and to seek medical help if you are suffering from depressive illness.