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Do you and your spouse have differing view of you constantly have arguments and conflicts among yourself on the upbringing of your children? Does parenting become a nightmare for you to handle due to the everyday conflicts on common causes? If the answer to this is yes, you need to get the right help and follow the right parenting conflict resolution strategies. Below are some of the typical disadvantages and issues faced by conflicting parenting – along with the possible resolution strategy:

Inconsistency in views in Parents

Rules and expectations are different in different people. They differ a lot in their upbringing and also follow separate set of rules and morals. Mother says, you can watch TV only after you finish homework. Father says, go ahead and watch TV, if you like. Dad says, you can’t stretch beyond 8:30 for sleeping. Mom can extend it till 9:30 PM. Similar lines of issues raises conflicts among parents and they often end up fighting and arguing. Child’s choices of friends, how one reacts to discipline relation issues, etc, are some of the major causes of conflicts.
In order to take these issues at bay you need to talk about all of such rules and expectations relations matters explicitly with your spouse. You might write them if this is going to help reviewing them and tuning them later. All the differing points can be compromised and then you can stick to it.

You should also be worked to remove any dilemma which you and your spouse might feel for the important things like discipline, rules, behaviour, actions, etc of the child. Sometimes, we are confused and leave things without any decision round them. This is going to create unnecessary issues while handling the children. They will be dismayed and confused over the issues on which you or your spouse has dilemma/unclear stand.

Affect of Non-Communicating parents

If the parents are not communicating enough about child related issues and concerns among each other, it could create vast differences within them. The spouse should be informed about the issues which the family faces else they will feel left out.
There should be a commitment which you need to take to ensure that all the important/significant things about the family life should be informed to or discussed with your spouse. Long terms issues and short term daily important things needs to be discussed.
Competition within Family or Parents
The issues above sometimes lead to vitriolic discussion among parents and over time become big and even rivalry. The reason could be as simple as child attention and love. Simple example for this rivalry could be father wants to take the child to a baseball game, while the mother wants to take child shopping. The struggle between parents leads the children in dilemma they come right within the conflict.

This needs high cooperation and understanding between partners. You are not expected to agree on everything, but there is a constant need to work towards harmonious closure of issues. Understand and let other partner understand that both of you have common goals.

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