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Coping with Breakup or Divorce


Divorce or breakup is not easy in a marriage or any other relationship. The whole process is split is not going to be easy for you and your partner both. It is very upsetting and triggers all the different kind of emotions and feelings in the splitting people. There is a need to understand and move on in life rather than suffering. By this experience you will learn and grow as a better, stronger and more tolerant person.

Healing yourself after a divorce or breakup

A divorce or breakup from your partner is very painful since it signifies loss of someone special. It also signifies the loss of dreams, commitment and plans which you have shared together. High note of excitement and hope for the future brings two individuals in the romantic relationship. If this relation fails, the hope is failed and there is a lot of disappointment, stress, and grief.
While going through breakup of divorce, you end up being disrupted – whether the routine or responsibilities, home, relationships with extended family and friends, identity, etc, everything is disturbed. It is very difficult to recover, but it is also important to know that you need to move on in your life and start the healing process.

  1. Nurture yourself everyday – do some scheduled daily activities which are calming and soothing for your senses. It can be walking in the nature, hot bath, music therapy, head massage, reading favourite book, etc.
  2. Honor what you believe is right and stick to what you say. Do things for yourself without guilt and think of saying no to things you do not want to do.
  3. Stick back to your regular routine which can eventually help you in comforting and maintaining the structure and normalcy in your life.
  4. Take a break and do not start new job or new city in first few months of separation. Be prepared emotionally before taking big decisions.
  5. Do not rely on alcohol, drugs, or food to cope. They are the worst in making you feel better. These substances are only going to create more problems.
  6. Starting thinking of building new interest – you can start by some activity like music classes, dance classes, etc.

Another important tip which came after the research on the coping techniques after breakup suggests that you should write all the good things about breakup. This can increase positive emotions and you can do it without any rise in negative emotions.

The recovery tips from Breakups

    • If you feel like crying then do not stop, but start crying.
    • Take good care of your own health and body. Eat well and exercise well.
    • Try not to restrict yourself on calories, but eat nourishing whole foods which are good in fiber, protein and nutrients.
    • A balanced diet should be taken which is a combination of fresh fruits, green vegetables, and right amount of carbohydrates and proteins.
    • Do not become a food junkie or begin eating mindlessly. Else this is going to increase the issues with the coping process.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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