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How to Handle Step Parenting and Blended Parenting


Step-parenting has been growing and it has been affecting many in the current times. In the year 2010, there were about 99000 step-families in the US. Another 90000 families were blended families. This closes down to about 7% of all families to be stepfamilies or blended families.

Challenges of step-parenting

There are lot of thing which steps parents need to cope up with. The old relationship troubles are there, then you have your own children and you need to start up with your new step-children. There are too many parties involved with varying interest in this relationship setting. There are instances of the things working well, whereas, there are cases which are worse and tumultuous of the kids.

Myths associated with stepfamilies or blended families

There are lot of myths and stereotypes associated with all the types of families. But the top in the list in this are the step families. Some of the old stories tell the same – be it Cinderella or other stories. Some of the step family myths are as follows:

  1. Step family are created immediately and instantly.
  2. They can function like a biological family.
  3. All members of a step family will love each other, given proper time.
  4. You will be able to relate yourself to your step children same as your biological children.
  5. Visiting step families have lesser issues than the live in step families.
  6. The step family always has a cruel stepmother or stepfather.
  7. Parents of the step family will be able to resolve all the issues with the love they have.

How can you handle the step-parenting challenges?

This is tough off-course. It is not going to be easy. You need to follow the basic principles building a relationship. Focus on building relationships
Perhaps the most important task in creating a happy stepfamily is building individual relationships.
Here are some of the tips for handling challenges associated with Step parenting:

  1. Stepmothers and fathers need to build the trust and respect by care and love before starting to discipline the children. Direct communication will help going long way in the relationship with step children.
  2. You can do some fun activity like walk or a bike ride, special outing, shopping or learning new skill together, etc. These will show the way for the mutual care and respect.
  3. Ease and relax on disciplining the child – this is especially valid for step fathers. You need to take your own time and everyone should be given chance to get used to each other. Waiting for the right time for the remarriage and subsequent new family is the right approach.

You cannot expect to learn the partner’s children overnight and vice versa. You need to know them and understand them before expecting them to reciprocate the care and affection. You need to limit your expectations and might need to spend huge amount of time, energy, love, and affection for new kids. Keep all the parents involved - Children will be better if they are having access to both of their biological parents as well.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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