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The infant and the parent are connected by a natural secure attachment bond. This bonding is defined as nonverbal emotional binding between child and parent where the baby emotional cues are understood which are expressed through movements, sounds, etc.
There is a subtle difference between Bonding and Attachment. The former refers to the parents feeling and connections to child while, the later refers to the child's emotional connection with the parent.

How the term Attachment and Bonding are different?



Child’s feeling for parents

Parents emotional feeling for their child

Takes time to start, usually first 2 years of life.

Starts even before the baby is born, but usually within first few weeks of the baby’s birth

This is the relationship from the Point of view of child

It says about the point of view of parent for the child.

This occurs as a developmental process.

This is natural bond coming to presence with the biological roots.

Importance of attachment and bonding

The nonverbal communication which you have with your child in the form of attachment or bonding has a lasting impact on the child’s mental, physical, intellectual, emotional and social wellbeing. The quality of the bond you share with your child can vary, but this bond is very natural and has its roots to the biological connect.

A secure attachment bond is the connection which allows the child to feel safe, secure and calm throughout the child development process. A feeling of safety, eagerness to keep learning, trust, feeling of empathy and self awareness are all part of the same secure attachment bonding which you can give your child.

According to a study, the critical factor in the relationship of child with parents is based on the quality of the nonverbal communication instead if other forms of communication patterns.

Top obstacles for parents for secure attachment bonding

Children depends a lot of you and your mental state for feeling safe, secure and connected. If you are not able to manage your daily stress, mood, feelings, etc, then you are making your child also in the same uncomfortable zone. You will not be able to soothe your distressed baby as well, if you yourself are stressed and anxious.
Take help from outside if you are depressed, anxious, grieving, or pre-occupied. This will affect your child development process if you stay like this. So take help.
It is just not mental health but even a general health problem like diabetes, can impact the attachment bonding relation between you and your child.
The problems can be from the following 4 angles:

  1. Primary problems with the infant
  2. Problems with the caregiver
  3. Issues in the environment
  4. The connection or fit between the infant and parent

The child’s temperament and personality can also impact the bonding.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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