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11 Celebrities who suffered from OCD - obsessions demand



Billy Bob Thornton, better known as Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband had got some of the OCD symptoms for many many years. There are some instances about his illness, where he used to take the mail out of the mailbox and put them back in exactly 3 times. Another symptom is when this famous actor of Monster's Ball used to give numbers to people and remember them by that number - often calling them by these numbers.

Billy Bob Thornton


Megan Fox, the Transformers megastar is one of the most recent celebrities who had suffered and then recovered from OCD. This super hot actress recently in an interview told that she used to suffer from high OCD when she was shooting for Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She has been struggling with it over the years and she used to fret when asked or required to use public toilets, eat at restaurant in the restaurant silverware, etc. She refused to use them and displayed symptoms of agoraphobia as well. AFter giving borth to her son, she was able to control some of the symptoms of OCD and lead a normal life.

Megan Fox


Cameron Diaz, the sexy lass from Hollywood is best known for her excellent action and acting skills. She has been a germophobic and she used to open the publc place doors with her elbow rather than her hand. People known to her tells how she used to wash her hands many times a day and also cleaned her home very much - just to remove all the germs and dust from there. Kind of tough for this beautiful OCD patient.

Cameron Diaz


Sir Winston Churchill, the British Pilitician and ex prime minister of UK, is one of the most popular and successful statesman. He was very famous of his war time leading skills and he was the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature as well. He was suffering from OCD and used to fret from germs and dust a lot.

Sir Winston Churchill


Harrison Ford, the veteran American film actor and the star in blockbuster movie "Air Force One", just cannot withstand the mention or presence of snakes and reptiles. He is very critical to these creatures.

Harrison Ford


Beckham is no doubt the most liked sportsman of the current generation. He is has been like by fans across the world - more for his style rather than his soccer skills. He has a different kind of anxiety ridden disorder. He is a perfection demanding person who wish to arrange things in right order - always. The cans in the refrigerator, furniture in his hotel room, socks and clothes in the wardrobe, are some of the examples where Beckham desires to be perfect in arrangement and order. If he find things unorderly, he takes the things in his own hands to order them.

David Beckham


Nickelodeon star, Marc Summers was shooting for the series Double Dare in which sometimes, he has to get the full load of cascading green slime to deal with. It seems to be an impossible task for someone alike Marc whi is suffering from OCD to do such a thing. Yes, he has obsessive fear of germs and still he managed to survive the whole Double Dare series. He showered immediately after shooting for each show, and then he went home to take shower again. He is also a arrangement person who always likes the things to be in order he likes. He opted for behavioral therapy and medication which has give him lot of relief in the OCD symptoms and controlled it.

Marc Summers


Katy, the current heartcharmer, frets very much when she has some broken makeup gear in her purse - like a broken lipstick, broken mascara stick, etc. She also got very upset when she sees animal hair on her cardigan or clothes. This is high on OCD symptoms of arrangement and germ phobia.

Katy Perry


The Academy award winning actor, and the Titanic/Wolf of Wall Street star Leonardo DiCaprio, earlier had admitted in an interview with a magazine that he suffered from Cumpulsive disorder in the past and has to really work hard to come out of it. He kind of had an habit to step on all the gum strain marks on the side walk of the street. He many a times has to walk through a door way many times during the process and sometime has to walk back 20 feet and then step on the left obver gum strain. Kind of obsessive isn't it. DiCaprio also starred as an OCD patient in the movie "The Aviator".

Leonardo DiCaprio


The 1987 film "Wish You Were Here" actress Emily Lloyd, had a long bout with depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for which she has been treated for long time in Psychiatric ward.

Emily Lloyd


Justin Timberlake has been suffering from OCD and ADD. This is what he has told in the magazine interview. As per him, he has combination of these two illnesses which makes his life tough and difficult to deal with. Some of the typical behaviors of Justin were like he wanted all the things to be lined up in perfect right angles. He always made sure that he has the specific food in his fridge all the time - whatever time it is.

Justin Timberlake


Woody Allen is eccentric and he has OCD as well. He has been known to be obsessed with Death and Food in particular. He is so obsessed with some food so much that he ate Potage ju Jour daily for almost 6 months while making a particular film.

Woody Allen
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