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According to National Institute of Mental Health, there are about 6 millioon people suffering from Adult Bipolar Disorder. According to the institute, it is spread a lot in all section's of sociaty. May famous people and celebrities also faced this illness. It kind of became fashionable to say that you are suffering from bipolar with the positive diagnosis and self acceptance by some of the famous celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Stephen Fry, etc.

Bipolar has lot of wide mood swings where the person suffering experiences varied highs and lows of the mood. These episodes last from few hours to few moths and quite frustating.


The famous rocker was only 27 when he took his own life although he was hugely successful with the Seattle–based band, Nirvana. The paradox of the situation was such that the star featured in the Band's song, Lithium which is a popular drug in the treatment of Bipolar Disorder. In the year, 2002, he was included in the Time magazine's greatest music contributor who might be suffering from bipolar disorder.

Kurt Cobain


Jane, the TV journalist, is another celebrity who is known to have bipolar disorder. She is dependent on the usage of Lithium to control the effects and side effects of the illness. She does not complain about anything, and just accepts the life as it is. She was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but Jane Pauley handled it graciously. Pauley is one of the most famous bipolar you can relate to because of her girl next door kind of persona and quality. It is very easy to relate to her and how she had suffered as compared to other celebrities.

Jane Pauley


The teenage pop star Demi Lovato went to a treatment centre for the treatment of her illness - anorexia, bulimia. But she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder rather than Bulimia. She told the People magazine that, in the retrospective it all made sense since she had times of being manic and times when she was enthrilled and wrote 7 songs in straight line in one night. The Disney darling, has opted for therapies and treatment which she has completed. She is not now at her home in LA and feeling better under the supervision of her doctors.

Demi Lovato


Belgian star and American movie actor Jean-Claude Van Damme is very famous for his movie appearance of tough guy - action star. Van Damme's personal life was very traumatic with four divorces, spousal abuse and cocaine addiction.

He was diagnosed with rapid-cycling bipolar, after which the things felt in place. Taking Lithium made the things better around him and put him back in control of his life.

Jean-Claude Van Damme


Britney, although was never diagnosed with mental health problems officially. She has been quite popular since decades or so, but this pop star actress was quite away from any kind of acceptance about her illness. Many psychiatists on the record have told that her behaviour and actions are very typical to a bipolar disorder siffering person. The People magazine cover story showcased that Spears behaviour is termed as a likely bipolar disorder. In the interview from a renowed psychiatist in California, it was suggested that her poor judgment and impulse actions are the result of Bipolar Disorder. This has not yet proven yet and Britney has denied/hidden all such sufferings.

Britney Spears


The iconic Oscar-winning actress of Gone With the Wind, Vivien Leigh caught the attention of everyone by remarrying Laurence Olivier. Leigh was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Due to her unpredictable behaviour ruined her career as well her relationship with her husband - Olivier. She was not on any medication and was not seeing any doctor. This has ruined and cut her off from the entire outside world. She was ruined because of this and could not cope up with.

Vivien Leigh


American Actress Linda Hamilton, the famous "Sarah Connor" of the Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day was very successful in her career. She figured in the TV series Beauty and the Beast as well. Although professionally she was doing great, she self-medicated with drugs and alcohol. Her bipolr disorder, was present for the full duration of 20 years where she lived with all the symptoms of the disorder. She is currently taking the right medication and is quite open about speaking on this subject.

Linda Hamilton


The gorgeous actress Zeta-Jones, recently bacame very open about her rounds of bipolar illness. She came out in public and moved all the stigma associated with bipolar away from her. When her husband was diagnosed with Cancer, she herself checked in to a treatment and rehabilitation centre. The action was due to the onset of the bipolar episode.

Catherine Zeta-Jones


Neil, the former Labor party politician from Australia suffered from bipolar disorder as well. The Professor cole was first politician in Australia anywhere else who has ever admitted for a bipolar mood disorder.

Neil Cole
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