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9 Celebrities with Traumatic Childhood



The Matrix triology star and Speed main lead, Keanu Reeves is a Canadian actor. He has a very traumatic childhood in which he witnesses troubled relationship between his mother and father. His father left him when he was 3 year old. There were several divorces which her mother went through and he expereinced lot of changes in life like new places, schools etc. due to the marriage related issues.

He also suffered from dyslexia which made him suffer even more in the school. He was a great hockey player and a goalie. But due to an injury his dream of playing for his country was shattered. His sister suffered from leukaemia and he lost his one of the close friends as well. His troubled life went further, where he lost his first baby who was still born. Later after a year, his wife also passed away in a car crash. Almost a life full of traumatic experiences.

1. Keanu Reeves


Oprah Winfrey, the media queen and undoubtly the most successful no-background lady quoted as saying that she had a abused childhood. She had faced a brutal rape when she was 9 year old and then constant sexual molestation from the ages of 10 to 14. The ordeal also involved suffering physical voilence and abuse as well during this period. She, against all odds became a media show host, actress and lastly the philanthropist. Under the trauma and burden she was carrying untill 14, she tool to drugs and alcohol. She had a baby at 14 years of age and which died right after the birth. After she became successful, she has still being criticised and faced witty remarks on her color and skin. Too much to handle and yet succeed for her.

2. Oprah Winfrey


The famuous American actress of South African descent, had a very traumatic past and childhood. Her father was an alcoholic and very abusive. He used to be abusive to her and her mother. During one of the family dinners, he after being drunk, over an argument started beating her mother. While proteccting herself and her daughter, Chalize's mother killed her husband with a gunshot in front of teeange Charlize.

3. Charlize Theron


The star in the popular show "Desperate Housewives", Teri Hatcher, suffered from sexual abuse by her uncle at the agre of 5 years. She tried to forget the incident and block the trauma by ignoring it. But later she heard about another victim of her uncle, a 14 year old girl who committed suicde. This led her to open up against her tormentor and testify against him. He was pleaded guity and was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

4. Teri Hatcher


The Hollywood actress Ashley Judd wrota a book “All That’s Bitter & Sweet”. In this book she has mentioned how much traumatic her childhood was and she suffered a lot during that phase. She had suicidal thoughts and had to literally restart the life after every few months and years with the changing singing career of her sister and mother. Her mother had some volatile relationships which kept her always on the place where she heard lot of sexually oriented and abusive voices from the other room. She witnessed drug and alcohol at her home. She also was sexually abused and suffered from rape 3 times. Even after she started her career as a model and actress, she suffered sexual advances from another model who tried to force her into oral sex with him.

5. Ashley Judd


The American actor and multi talented person, Kelsey Grammer's, early childhood and life was full of traumatic events and losses. His primary caretaker, his grandfather died when he was 11 years old. Just after some time, his father was murdered when someone arsoned his While he was in his adult years, his sister was also mordered and he also lost his two half brothers in an scuba accident.

6. Kelsey Grammer


Demi Moore, the famous American Actress was born to an alcoholic teeanger mother. Her mother was bipolar and her father was not with her mother anymore. Her stepfather didn't had a stable job which made them keep on moving from one place to another. Her mother and stepfather both were severely alcoholic abused each other physically. After her father commited suicide, Moore got the acting break and she dropped from the high school. Her life started improving when she landed a job in General Hospital.

7. Demi Moore


The 46-year-old americal actress, Pamela Anderson, revealed that she had been molested sexually in her childhood. She made this revealation at the launch of her charity event under the name "The Pamela Anderson Foundation", during the Cannes Festival.

She told that she was physically and sexually molested at the age of six. She was then gang-raped at the age of 12. She became successful later in her life as an actress, animal rights activist, model, etc.

8. Pamela Anderson


Hilary Swank, the American actress, was born in Nebraska and then she moved to Bellingham, Washington at the age of six. She has a poor background and all her childhood was spent in a very small cottage house. The only time she remembered to be adorable for her was when she read a book or when she acted in a play. Her parents separated and divorced when she was 13 years old. Later, Swank's fate changed and she became a Hollywood actress with her first appearance in the movie "The next Karate kid".

9. Hilary Swank
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