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18 Famous People with Depression



Ashley is an American actress and a celebrated movie star. She belongs to a famous country music background, still she had a depressive episode in her life which has been devastating for herself. In the year 2006, Ashley spent almost 1 and half month in Texas mental health treatment facility. She has learned how to control her emotions and lead a normal life without much drifting. She is currenly starring in movies and lives with her husband.

Ashley Judd


Owen Wilson carries a persona which is very laid back and fun loving. He is seemingly very funny and also can be anything but sad. Still, he has faced his round of issues and concerns where he saw the dark side of depression. In the year 2007, he attempted suicide in his California home. Many people were surprised and some were not so surprised looking at his drub inflicted past. Wilson recovered from the depressive episode and was seen spending time with his family and friends after eleven weeks of incidence.

Owen Wilson


Terry Bradshaw, the Super Bowl king in the US, had the toughest fight of his life within himself. Depression has taken the toll in his life and its journey. Bradshaw drank a lot to wade the depression and sadness away, but made the conditions worse. Once while having a discussion with a pastor, he realized that it is talk therapy and medicines which can help him recover completely. And it did. He is not utilizing his experience to create awareness about depression and its possible cure/treatment options.

Terry Bradshaw


Can anyone think the most efficient and known mathematician and physicist of all times, Sir Isaac Newton had suffered many “nervous breakdowns”? It is surprizing to hear that a persona like him can have a great fits of rage towards anyone not agreeing to him. According to experts he was suffering from bipolar disorder, although this illness was not known to the world that time.

Isaac Newton


Calvin Coolidge was the thirtieth President of the United States and he was in deep despair and depression once his son died.

Calvin Coolidge


Andre Walters, the former NFL player did suicide at the age of 44. When the doctors conducted the autopsy and study, it was suggested that he was long suffering from brain damage and depression. The illness was related to the injuries he sustained while playing the NFL games through out his career. The disease known as CTE or chronic traumatic encephalopathy is behind this sudden suicide by the footballer.

Andre Waters


David Arquette got the divorce from his wife Courteney in the year 2010. After the announcement of the divorce, the actor was deep down in depression and alcoholism. He was spotted dancing and behaving badly in nightclubs. He said in an interview that he has been acting like a crazy maniac lately. Arquette later in year 2011, enrolled in a rehad center and got over with the depressive and abusive episode. In April, he announced a sober and no nonsense behaviour for more than 100 days. Quite a control on the emotions now.

David Arquette


The "Mad Men" actor Jon Hamm's father died when he was just 20 years. This has led him to depressive episode which went one to become chronic in nature. There was some respite in his condition due to structured environment at work and at school (College) which helped him recover. He need to rely on different types of therapies and antidepressants to get him moving in his life again.

Jon Hamm


Buzz Aldrin is one of the most famous astronauts in the US history, who was among the first few to fly to the moon in the year 1969. He later in his life suffered from depression and alcoholism. He was able to control his darkness and rise to become the Chairman of the National Mental Health Association.

Buzz Aldrin


Ruby Rose the beautiful actress, started with her bout of depression in April last year and she literally squeezed her dogs ribs badly. Poor animal. The depression came and visited her silently and killed her confidence. She was left with no coice but to put herself inside the house all locked up. She has suffered with depression more than she can remember. Too long to suffer.

Ruby Rose


J.K. Rowling, the famous author of Harry Potter series, actually thought about suicide before she became the famous writer. She was a single mother and living in a small apartment after her marriage was broken. Rowling said in an interview that her only daughter became her inpiration and she started penning down the Harry Potter series, a multi-billion-dollar business.

J.K. Rowling


Winston Churchill, the famous British Prime Minister is one of the most reknown person in British history. He had earlier told through his own writing that he is suffering from Black Dog, the word he had used for severe depression.

Winston Churchill


As like other Osmond family members, Marie Osmond can never be thought as a person who can suffer from depression or sadness through out her life. The perfect happiness in people's mind is what is depicted while thinking of Osmonds. But Marie has been the survivor and a tough one for the illness called depression. While giving an interview with news agency, she told that the postpartum depression has taken the toll in her life and left her very fragile. She thought about suicide, but she conquered and fought well with the disease. She took help and got weight loss along with therapies to cure.

Marie Osmond


Patty Duke, the American actress who won the Oscar for best actress can also suffer from bipolar disorder, seems unbelievable. She had written in her autobiography that she suffered from the illness which took the toll on her.

Patty Duke


Alcoholism and failed marriages has taken the life out of the six times grammy award winner. Who can believe that the talented piano player like Billy would be suffering from Depression and suicidal thoughts. One of his famous song is also dedicated to the writing and thoughts he had while contemplating of suicide.

Billy Joel


The witty and quite popular comedian Maria Bamford has been very vocal and expressive about her bout with depression and mental illness. She was having Bipolar disorder and she suffered with it all throughout her career. She quite many times used the events and incidences in her real life in the shows she do. Specially choosing the topics about the hypocricy of so many people around mental illness has been the subject of her shows. Her liners has been quite popular on the depression and its comparison with diseases like cancer.

Maria Bamford


Stage performer Adom Ant said in an interview that he has a long and lasting battle wiith manic episodes of depression. He even went to the hospital for the treatment of his bipolar illness.

Adom Ant


Drew Carey has been struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts right in her teenage years and early twneties. She had tried drug overuse and also felt very helpless during the bouts of depression.

Drew Carey


The famous actor of British orgin, High Laurie is very popular in US for his television series. Few years before Laurie landed to US, he had a very dark phase of depression taking over him. He never left his house and gave up meeting people during that time. The right psychotherapy and treatment for the illness was able to recover him from the illness. This led to what he became today.

Hugh Laurie
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