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9 Celebrities with Mental Health Disorders



Famous actress Delta Burke has long suffered from depression and she was even hospitalized for the same. She has discussed her issues publically as well.

1. Delta Burke


The Hollywood actress "Drew Barrymore" famous for her roles in Charlies Angels, Mad Love, etc, has history of mental illness and issues. She has struggled with drug addiction, alcohol and also tried to commit suicide in her teenage years. She also suffers from bipolar disorder, and panic attacks. According to her, she is crazy and would not take any medicine for her disorders.

2. Drew Barrymore


Herschel Walker, the famous award-winning former NFL player is suffering from DID - dissociative identity disorder, which is a complex mentla health disorder. The people suffering from DID are influenced by two or more distinct personalities which stop them from acting like themselves. He opened up and told the world about his illness, is his greatest achievement - as per his interview with sports magazine.

3. Herschel Walker


Paula Deen, the cooking star and the American celebrity has suffered from intense panic attacks and the presence of agoraphobia, due to the fear of panic attacks occuring. She has a near perfect life, but life changed for her in a single snapshot. She lost her parents, her marriage broke and then she was left with no monet to spend on the living of 2 boys. She started the "Bag Lady" which was her first home-based catering company which soon turned into success.

4. Paula Deen


The world famous singer and composer Elton John has long suffered from bulimia, which is an eating disorder. This disorder kept him eating large quantities of food and then opt for some purging means for the body like vomiting, etc. Elton has told the world about his illness and also went to attend the rehab centre for treatment of drug addiction and bulimia.

5. Elton John


Margot Kidder, the Superman heroine suffered from manic depression and paranoia. She has been suffering from the illness in seclusion which made her illness more profound. She went missing for 3 days, and was found in very frightened and paranoid state. She used to smoke and drink coffee round the clock and varely slept. After this it was came to light that she suffered from bipolar disorder when she was in her teens. She has a troubled life as well with 3 broken marriages. She now has converted herself to a promoter for natural herbal treatments for mental conditions.

6. Margot Kidder


Sinead was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and it was diagnosed in early adulthood days itself. This famous singer battled with the symptoms of bipolar for a long period of time. She has discussed her mental condition and the stigma associated openly in The Oprah Winfrey Show. O’Connor took antidepressants and mood stabilizers. Later she left the use of these drugs and medicines, stating that they have made her go more sick and ill with their side effects.

7. Sinead O’Connor


Kurt Cobain was a famous singer who beccame popular in early age and then took his life at the age of 27 by suicide. He was diagnosed with ADD, bipolar disorder and major depression. His stardom is still popular and his music still sells. There was a case study performed on his illness at the University. He was known to be patient of both mental illness as well as substance abuse issues.

8. Kurt Cobain


The Universal Soldier series, Kick Boxer star Van Damme suffered from rapid cycling bipolar disorder. It is like any other bipolar symptoms, but in this case they have extreme highs and lows. The transition from one symptom to another is very quick. Van Damme talked about his teenage depression - he mentioned that the depression was compensated by his desire to train and train in Karate. He took cocaine in the year 1993, which made his career suffer. He checked into a drug rehab programe but came out early. placed on sodium valproate, which he calls “that simple salt.” After that he was diagnosed with rapid cycling bipolar disorder and was recommended Sodium Vapourate. This has changed him for better.

9. Jean Claude Van Damme
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