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Shocking Ways Your Cell Phone Is Hurting Your Health


The smartphones like iPhone, Andriod phones, Nokia Lumia, etc. are so inclusive in your lifestyles today. They have their set of benefits like multitasking lifesaver, quite help, quick entertainment, etc. Is this is the only angle of watching these handy gadgets? Do they have any physical or emotional problems which they pose on the people using them? We have tried to keep up some symptoms which are typical to the usage of iPhone. Check if you have them and find out how to remedy those symotoms before they pose significant threat.

The WHO, World Health Organisation, in thier reserach publications, tells about the presence of electromagnetic radiations and their sensitivity in humans. They have not classified it as an illness or disease as of now. Although, it still need to formally assess the risk and vulnerability of using cell phones across the globe. There are people who know the treat and risk and they are reducing the risk by moving to technology limited regions or technolgy banned regions of the world.


This is the name given to the condition where person cannot remain detatched to his or her smartphone, that it becomes an addiction and they can't be separated. They feel the symptoms of separation very clearly when they are away from their smartphones. It is becoming very common and spreading very much; the scientists have given it the name "Nomophobia". A very recent survey by an agency estabished the fact that 84 percent of the world's population believes that they cannot go even a single day without their cell phones. About two-thirds of teenagers and young adults keep on checking their smartphones at least once in every 15 minutes or may be lesser than that. There is quite an amount of stress and anxiety associated with the loss of important updates from social media. People can feel the butterflies in the stomach if they are away from such updates and missing things. There is a Morningside Recovery Center in California which has founded a rehabilitation center on nomophobia.

What is Nomophobia?


Well, this is not the words from a germ and dust sensuous OCD patient. These are the outcome of the study in University of Arizona. According to the study, the average phone surface has about 10 times more bacteria and germs found in the bathroom. You keep the phone anywhere, on any kind of surface without cleaning or caring about it. And you receive or make a phone call. All the dust, germs, bacteria are very near to your face and your ear. Sounds bad, isn't it.

The Layer of Dust and Mites on your phone


People become more prone to anxiety by everyday overuse of the mobile and smart phones. The addictive nature of the phone is also showcased in the clinical studies and has been give the name Nomophobia, as specified earlier.

Anxiety and depression due to Phone


Phone and driving does not mix very well. And if it is a smartphone, the condition can become worse. According to the Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University just listening to anyone talking on phone can reduce the brain functioning/activity by more than 35%. There are many studies conducted on the ignorance of safety while driving a car and talking on phone. There is needless to stress its importance. We all have heard some of the other story about the same.

Dangerous Distractions


Non-thermal radio frequency radiation as emitted by the Wi-Fi and other cellular phones causes the nornal cell development to slow down or show effects. There are chances of developmental issues in young children and infants if they are constantly exposed to wi-fi radiations.

Damaging to Childhood Development


Much has been said about the effect of cell phones on the brain and causes behind cancer. There are many contradicting studies, but the facts can be very disturbing with people sharing their opinions. The wait is a definite clinical study on this topic. Till then, we can reduce the use of smart phones and cell phones.

Cell Phones and Your Brain


Cell phones can effect sperms. But the damage is not just limited to sperms, that are also affecting the egg implantation. The institute in Sweden has released the statement that pregnant women are adviced and cautioned not to use wireless devices which can be harmful for them and their growing baby.

May Impact Fertility


The imaginary situation where you feel that your phone is buzzing or vibrating is known as Phantom Vibration Syndrome. According to a study in Computers in Human Behavior, about 9 out of 10 undergraduate students reported feeling these phantom vibration.

Phantom Vibration Syndrome


Eye damage is also seen as a effect of excessive use of smartphones. As long as we are one the phone, we are closer to the monitor than normal and it would strain your eyes. The another set of issues is the tears which keeps our eyes moist. We tend to blink less and this causes the damage to eyes in long term.

Eye damage from smartphones
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