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9 Famous People with Autism



The often perfectionist and American Director, Stanley Kubrick displayed many traits and characteristics of a typical high-functioning autistic individual. It was very difficult for him to get along with people. He was a very addicted and excellent chess player. He many a times asked his actors to retake more than 100 times to get the shot the way he wanted it to be. Too much for even the perfectionist.

1. Stanley Kubrick


Matthew Labyorteaux is the actor best known for his role in movie and blog - Albert on Little House on the Prairie. He suffered from Autism in his early part of life which was made manageable due to care, concern and love. He was not able to walk till 3 years of age and could not talk till age 5. Mathew has acted in several movies and helped many people suffering from Autism and other illnesses.

2. Matthew Labyorteaux


Daniel Edward, also known as “Dan” Aykroyd, the member of Saturday Night Live, based his movie Ghostbusters on Autism. He accepted in his life that autism became an inspiration for his hits. He is highly obsessed with ghosts and law enforcement. Since the obsession about something is very important symptom of Autism, Dan was able to convert his Autism causing obsession into something very successful.

3. Dan Aykroyd


Daryl Hannah, the actress in the “Wall Street” in a public appearance in the yer 2013, told that she suffered from Autism in her childhood. She was diagnosed as an Autistic child. The doctors recommended her to be medicated and sent to mental asylum. She felt extremely shy and terrified of social gathering and interacting with people. She hid her diagnoisis from the producers for getting the role.

4. Daryl Hannah


Matt Savage, was diagnosed with High Functional Autism or with Pervasive Developmental Disorder when he was three. Many sources refer him as the autistic prodigy. They have extreme capability and proficiency in one of the area, far ahead than what is considered normal. Savage was a Jazz prodigy and he read piano music and performed for Jazz master Dave Brubeck by age 8. He has already released over nine albums.

5. Matt Savage


James Durbin, was the finalist in the tength edition of American Idol. He released his music album - "Celebrate". James while he was very young was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and Tourette Syndrome at Stanford Medical Center. Durbin tics and high emotions cannot be hidden by cuts and tricks applied in the pre recorded broadcasted shows. Impulsivity, obsessions, and apparent cockiness, all are the marquee signs of AS.

6. James Durbin


Ladyhawke is the New Zealand born singer and songwriter. She is the newcomer in the music industry and admitted that she is little vary about the journalists. She told in a British newspaper that she is suffering from Asperger's syndrome and the media attention shifted its focus from albums to illness.

7. Ladyhawke


Jason McElwain is a high school basketball player from Rochester, New York. Jason became famous due to his involvement in the last game of the basketball season. Jason was very popular in his school for his basketball skills and he was really addictive to playing basketball. For the last game, he made awesome 20 points in the last 15 minutes - kind of unbelievable.

8. Jason McElwain


Richard Borcherds, a English Mathematician who has won many awards as an mathematician. His famous work include the work in infinite-dimensional algebras, group theory, and number theory. This has not been diagnosed officially ever, but he kept on suffering from the symotoms of Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism Spectrum.

9. Richard Borcherds
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