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Cure for Allergy Headache


Allergy headaches are extremely painful, causing pressure in the sinus area, and most of the time, an allergy headache is not helped by over-the-counter headache medications, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

Allergy Headache Preprations

You can prepare herbs in a wide variety of ways to bring relief from allergy headaches.

Types of herbal preparation
Oral remedies
Oral remedies are swallowed in measured doses. They include:
. teas
. tinctures
. syrups
. pills.

Topical remedies
Topical remedies are applied to the skin and include:
. creams
. oils
. baths
. plasters and poultices.

Oral remedies for Allergy Headache

Teas or tisanes
Teas also called tisanes can be made directly from dried herbs.
. Leaves and flowers require five minutes steeping in freshly. boiled water. Always place a saucer or covet on the cup to keep in valuable aromatic ingredients. This is known as an infusion.
. Roots, barks, seeds and berries need boiling for five minutes in a covered pan. This is called a decoction. The usual dose is one rounded teaspoon per cup (about 4g to 165ml). Regular use means one or two cups per day for several weeks. Infusions and decoctions can be drunk cold, and any flavouring can be added after steeping or boiling.

. To make an infusion steep cut leaf or flower for 5-10 minutes in boiling water.

. To make a decoction, boil cut root or bark for 5-10 minutes on the stove.

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