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Icepick headache, also known as idiopathic stabbing headaches is an unusual group of headaches. In this type of headaches there are some rapid and sharp bouts of painin the eye and the temple region. They last for some seconds and the fade away to recur again. It could also occur once or in a series and it can happen anytime of the day or night. One more varient of the pain last for less than a minute and is known as jabs and jolts.

These headache are found in about 2% of the population. It is generally found in poeple who have a migrane or cluster headache history. This headache is not seen in children and teenagers.

What are the causes of icepick headache?

The causes of this disease are now known. It is believed through the research that it results from partial or very transient breakdown of brain's pain control mechanism. Patients report of characteristic symptoms and then exclusion of other conditions helps in diagnosis of this disease.

Although icepick headache is not dangerous, there are few similar illnesses which can cause similar pain and can be very serious like trigeminal neuralgia, cluster headaches, etc.

We should rule out all the causes and other conditions first before coming to conclusion that it is icepick headache. You need to confirm the diagnosis with the doctor first.

What Kind of Headache is Icepick headache?

Ice pick headache is a primary type headache because it is not the after effect, but a primary reason of discomfort and the headache itself is the problem. There is no deeper underlying cause. A secondary headache as explained by researchers has another underlying cause such as a tumor, stroke, or dieting, etc.

How do you diagnos icepick headaches

1. Severe head pain feeling like a single stab series of pricks.
2. It is felt in the orbital, temple and parietal regions of the head.
3. It lasts for only few seconds and the in irregular intervals.

Treatment options for Icepick Headache

Well, the course and duration of this headache is so small that before, one take the help of medicines or pain relievers, the pain is gone. In some of the severe cases, the preventive treatment with indomethacin can work and show some recovery effects.

There is no clear cut treatment for this headache so far. The efficacy of indomethacin is seen only in 65% of patients.

Some Tips for Ice Pick

The doctors recommend that one should keep a headache diary and note down the time headache started and how long it lasted. How was the severity and area in which it was intense. These can also help doctors to trace what is causing the headache and how these things can be prevented.

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