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Steam inhalations for Help in Headache

Nowadays it is easy to buy good quality essential oils so it is simple to make a steam inhalant mix using a large china mug. Some chemists sell a special inhaler cup, made of plastic, which fits over the nose and mouth.

You can also use the older method of covering the head with a towel and leaning over a bowl of steaming water, but this is very tedious and time-consuming. You can heat your inhalant mix in an aromatherapy oil burner, using a votive candle and adding your oil to water. This gives a gentle decongestant and relaxing effect in your room.

Dried herbs can be used for steam inhalation but they are not as strong or convenient. To be effective, you need to steam twice daily. If you are using a steam inhaler cup, you must allow the water to cool ~ little before allowing a child to use it, to avoid scalding if spilt.

Caution. You must never leave a naked flame unattended in a room with children and you must remember to place your burner on a heat-proof surface.

Vapour rubs helps in reducing headache

You can apply decongestant, antibacterial and relaxing herbs to your skin, by adding essential oil to a cream base and rubbing into the chest or under the nose. This is a useful method for children.

Caution. You must check that the preparation isn't too strong as most decongestants are also 'rubefacient' - they heat up the skin and may cause a burning sensation. Peppermint is especially noted for this.

Recipe for vapour rubs
5 drops essential oil in 30mg of (preferably unscented) cream, stirred well.

Suitable oils for headache help:

. peppermint
. eucalyptus
. chamomile (very expensive)
. rose (very, very expensive!)
. lavender.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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