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How to Get Rid of a Headache


Headaches are common pains that anyone can suffer.

  • Massage the "crown" of your head. There is a ring of muscles that circle the head where a crown would sit. Once the muscles have relaxed, your headache will disappear!
  • Get off the computer and go to a light, quiet room and read.
  • Headaches are a result of trauma or blockage. If you didn't get hit in the head, it's probably blockage. The most powerful action of cayenne (capsaicin) on a head ache is not the release of endorphins, although this is a feature. The primary action is the circulatory system response. This will help get blood pumping better to the pained part of your head.
  • Try putting a cold compress on your forehead or behind the neck. Many headaches are caused by tense neck muscles. Conversely, use a moist hot pack to loosen up tense muscles - see which works best for you.
  • Maintain good posture and do some stretching. Poor posture while working can cause what are known as tension headaches. Staying in such a position for a very long time may cause the muscles of the neck and shoulders to tighten up. One way to get rid of this headache is to maintain a good posture while working. Every now and then or if you feel tension pains setting in, do some stretching to get rid of the headache before it gets worse.

How To Get Rid Of Headaches With Your Diet

Eat regularly. Do not skip meals because hunger and meal- skipping can also cause headaches. If you feel a headache about to start and you haven’t had anything to eat, take a break and grab a bite to prevent that headache from progressing further.

Drink lots of water. As much as possible, stick to the eight-glasses a day recommended amount of daily water intake. Water cools down the body and so when you feel a major headache, drink up to get rid of it.

Too much copper and not enough zinc cause frontal headaches. A woman's copper level rises during PMS week to prepare her uterine lining for shedding. If her body already has too much copper, this increased load will throw her body out of balance. Headaches are just one result of too much copper.

Watch what you eat. Some headaches are triggered by food. This is most especially true for migraine sufferers. So if you feel that your headache was prompted by something that you ate, stop eating that food and consult your doctor to determine whether this is truly the source of your headache.

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