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Headaches and Fevers


Almost everyone whether men or women, face the troubles of Headache and fever. The are very common.

The combination of both is sometimes very dangerous potentially. It can be a sign of meningitis, or some other high risk diseases.

Why fever and headache together is dangerous?

So why is the combination of some of the most common ailments occuring together is common? A severe headache with a high fever can be symptomatic sign of the bacterial meningitis which is a severe and potentially deadly infection of the brain and spinal cord. This disease progresses very quickly and can evolve in a life threatening illness causing coma or death if it is not properly diagnosed and cured properly.

Headache along with fever is very serious and it should not be ignored. Talk to your healthcare provider to ensure that it is not taking any serious route. It should be an infectin growing at the back of your body without you knowing about it.

There are few other condition which can cause the combination of fever and headache. They are inflammatory in nature and often non-infectious. Few of the examples of this are:

- Systemic lupus erythematosus
- Lupus,
- Sarcoidosis,
- Temporal arteritis.
- Subarachnoid hemorrhage,
- Pituitary apoplexy,
- Brain tumor.

Key take aways

Few points you should remember if you have fever and headache:

- A headache along with fever should not be agnored and you should refer to your general practioner for negating any serious underlying conditions.
- Sometimes sinus infection or infection of central nervous system could cause this trouble.

Headache and fever can be symptoms of meningitis. The word meningitis itself just means inflammation or infection of the tissue (called the meninges) and fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.

Not all forms of meningitis are dangerous -- many common viruses, for example, can cause viral meningitis, which is unpleasant, but usually harmless.

Bacterial meningitis, on the other hand, is a different matter; these infections can be fatal if the are not treated quickly with antibiotics. This is the kind of meningitis you hear about in the news, often striking several children in the same school.

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