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Headache relief

1. Just relax and close your eyes to rest. It can ease tension related headache. This type of treatment works very effectively for headache related to migrane as well.

You should select a quiet and dark room for relaxation an close your eyes. Frequent sleep eliminates the pain of migrane related headache.

2. Ask someone to massage your head, neck and temples. This increases the blood flow around the region and relaxes the senses.

3. Try to use some heating pad or warm cloth on the head and temples. You can even use ice packs to calm and numb the region.

4. Relax and Meditate. Use deep breathe and try to visualize a peaceful image.

5. Minimize stress and keep it away by following relaxation techniques.

6. Avoid polluted and noisy environments. Leave from work earlier if you can.

7. Use lavender and it reduces headache apart from smelling great — Lavender oil if inhaled or applied on the head can help soothe pain in the head.

8. Feverfew, is used to treat fever and it is also useful for treatment of headache.

9. Relax to music and combine it with relaxation exercises.

10. Exercise regularly - moderaate excercise can help soothe the headache down.

If you can grasp at what causes your headache or if you can properly identify it, you can come up with the best possible relief for that headache and have yourself on your way to peaceful head relief in no time.

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