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Headache and Menopause


Menopause and Headache

After menopause the blood platelet cells release less mono-amine oxidase, which destroys serotonin (a cerebral vaso-constrictor). Increased circulating serotonin is also responsible for stimulation of pain receptors in the blood vessels and constriction of their walls.

Acupuncture is safe and contributes to a lot of stress relief and other healing. This is why it is such a plausible option for menopause and headaches relief, especially in cases that are more serious in nature and do not respond to medication.

Avoiding the foods or items that are known triggers of your symptoms, however, can be as much a treatment as taking any drug. Relaxation techniques, coupled with avoidance techniques, can be vital to recovery from menopause and headaches and can invoke a reactionary strategy to stressful things through life which can help the patient to grow in terms of stress relief and integrate a suitable natural response to those stressors.

Sometimes crying or laughing
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