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Cure for Constant Headache - Herbal syrups

Herbs can be preserved in syrup but they are quite difficult to make, as the proportion of sugar to herbal material is crucial. They frequently go mouldy, however carefully you measure. There are two methods, the first is the simplest, but only keeps for a few days.

Syrup recipe 1
Place chopped herb and sugar in lcm layers in a clean, dry jar, finishing with a sugar layer. Leave for one day. You will find that syrup has formed. You can shake the jar gently once a day until all the sugar has turned into syrup. This may take three days but you can use the product immediately.

Syrup recipe 2
Soak 4g of herb, finely chopped, in 5Gml water for 12 hours. Strain and squeeze out the herbs. There should be about 45mlliquid. Add 90g sugar, stir over heat until dissolved, boil briefly, strain through a filter paper or cloth. You should have about l00ml syrup. This must be kept in a well stoppered bottle in a cool, dry, dark cupboard. The dose would usually be 1 teaspoon at a time for children, and a dessertspoon from 11years onwards.

Pills as cure for Constant Headache

These come in two main varieties: pills and capsules. In both cases, powdered herbs are used. Capsules are usually made of gelatine, although vegetarian ones can be obtained. Most are of a standard size, containing about 2g of herb. You can buy herbs ready powdered and fill your own capsules by hand. It's a very sneezy, time consuming business! Tablets are made by pressing powdered herbs into the required shape. You will need to add ingredients to make the dough stick together and the tablets hold their shape. Manufacturers usually use vegetable gums, but quite satisfactory tablets can be made at home using honey and arrowroot as binders. Pills can either be pinched off and rolled between the fingers or tablets cut by hand from dough rolled with a pin.

Buckwheat pills
2 tablespoons buckwheat flour
1 tablespoon arrowroot powder
4 teaspoons runny honey
Knead all ingredients together. Add more honey if required to achieve a malleable paste. Dust boar1 with arrowroot, roll out, cut to shape, dry on paper overnight.

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