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How to Get Rid of Moyamoya Disease


Moyamoya disease is progressively rare cerebrovascular disorder in which the blood arteries are blocked at the base of the brain which is called as basal ganglia. According to the Japanese moyamoya means puff of smoke. It is first found in Japan in 1960.

Moyamoya disease occurs along with down’s syndrome, brain arteriovenous malformations and neurofibromatosis. About 10% moyamoya disease causes due to genetic variation. It causes to the children younger than 10 year and in adults after 30 year old. It is common in women than in men.

Causes of Moyamoya Disease

Causes of moyamoya disease is unknown but it is related to the number of disease. It is combination of disease like down’s syndrome, brain arteriovenous malformations and neurofibromatosis.

  • According to study 9% moyamoya disease causes due to genetic link.
  • Moyamoya disease occurs due to inflammation of the blood vessel wall.
  • sturge-weber syndrome and neurofibromatosis, meningitis, down syndrome, fibromuscular dysplasia, childhood brain radiation, fanconi's anemia and brain atherosclerosis are responsible for the cause of moyamoya disease.

Symptoms of Moyamoya Disease

The list of sign and symptoms shows the different sources of moyamoya disease. These are as follows-

The symptoms which are occurs in children

  • Headaches.
  • Bleeding within the skull.
  • Low blood flow.
  • Mental retardation.
  • Numbness or weakness in the extremities.
  • Stroke. It is causes due to recurring blood clots.
  • Difficulty speaking.

The symptoms which are occurs in adults

  • Intracranial hemorrhage.
  • Ischemic is also occurs in children.
  • Vision problem.
  • Cognitive impairments.
  • Involuntary movements.

Treatment of Moyamoya Disease

There are different types of surgery, operations are available to restore the blood flows in brain by narrowing the blood vessels. There are number of treatment are available like EDAS, EMS, STA-MCA and multiple burr holes

  • Encephaloduroarteriosynangiosis or EDAS - In this treatment dissection of a scalp artery is done and temporary opening is made near the artery. Then this artery sutured to the surface of the brain and the bone replaced. If this treatment is failed then EDAMS treatment is done.
  • Encephalomyosynangiosis or EMS - In this treatment dissection of temporalis muscle take place through the opening in the skull placed onto the surface of the brain.
  • Multiple burr holes - In this treatment multiple holes are created in the skull to allow the growth of new vessels from the scalp into the brain.
  • STA-MCA - In this treatment the scalp artery is directly sutured to an artery on the surface of the brain. it is also called as EC-IC.
  • The patients suffering from progressive cerebral ischemic symptoms must require surgical treatment which revascularizing the flow of blood to the brain. The symptoms recovers after recovery.
  • Prompt treatment is necessary for the children who are suffered from stroke or hemorrhage which causes to the permanent neurological effects.
  • Xenon CT scan and MRA technology help to diagnosed moyamoya disease.
  • In moyamoya disease screening examination using MRI is frequently done.
  • The surgery involve evacuation of a brain hematoma, clipping of a ruptured brain aneurysm.
  • In neurological impairment rehabilitation with physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy should be done.
  • Some drugs like aspirin, other anti-platelet drugs, anticoagulants or vasodilator to prevent the further ischemic attacks.

Prevention of Moyamoya Disease

  • Treatment of hypertension following a stroke.
  • prevent rebleeding.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol abuse.
  • Anticoagulation to prevent embolization in atrial fibrillation.

Prognosis of Moyamoya Disease

Generally the symptoms improved immediately after the treatment of the in-direct EDAS, EMS, and multiple burr holes surgeries in about 6 to 12 months. STA_MCA treatment help to increase the blood supply. The bypass surgery is beneficial for the patients having moyamoya disease. The patients with hemorrhagic presentation the benefit of bypass surgery. Without treatment moyamoya disease can be incurable.

People who suffered from Moyamoya Disease?

  • Melinda
  • Katrina Marsh
  • Becky Rozeboom

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