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Rehabilitation Clinic


In medicine, a process to restore mental and/or physical abilities lost to injury or disease, in order to function in a normal or near-normal way is called as Rehabilitation. It includes therapeutical measures to re-establish health and the ability to work after sickness or accidents. the process of treating and training a person with a disability to achieve maximum function and independence.

What Rehabilitation Clinics provides?

  1. Physical therapy
  2. Rehabilitation for seniors
  3. Work injury rehabilitation
  4. Sports injury rehabilitation
  5. Occupational therapy
  6. Speech therapy
  7. Certified Hand therapy
  8. Anodyne therapy
  9. Aquatic therapy
  10. Women's health
  11. Pediatric rehabilitation
  12. Functional Capacity Evaluations
  13. Wound Care
  14. Brucker Method of EMG Biofeedback

Functions of a Rehabilitation Clinic

  1. Consultative medical service - health staff on hand.
  2. Nursing - health advice, education, counselling and monitoring.
  3. Physiotherapy - group and individual treatments which aim to help clients improve or maintain flexibility, strength and movement.
  4. Occupational therapy - group and individual treatments.
  5. Social work - help for clients and their carers to cope with family problems, like finances or accommodation needs.
  6. Speech pathology - to help people with speech disorders to communicate.
  7. Podiatry - diagnosis and treatment of foot and lower limb problems.
  8. Dietetics - nutrition programs tailored for the individual.