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New approaches to care, clinical research advances, and the increasing focus on assistive technology are continually expanding the knowledge base required for rehab workers. To address these issues, there are many rehabilitation hospitals and clinics who has made a commitment to provide the best and outstanding rehabilitation services.

Rehabilitation Hospitals

  1. At Southeastern Regional Rehabilitation Center (SRRC), we help our patients declare their independence every day. Approximately four out of five patients are able to return home after discharge from the rehabilitation center. Located directly behind Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, SRRC is a 78-bed facility that provides inpatient and outpatient services for adults and children. SRRC provides treatment for brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, stroke, neurological impairments and orthopedic injuries.
  2. Magee, a founding member of the Jefferson Health System, is the Philadelphia Region's first rehabilitation hospital, opening its doors in 1958. Along with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Magee is one of 14 federally designated model Regional Spinal Cord Injury Centers. Magee is also home to the nation's first brain injury rehabilitation program to be accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).
  3. Spalding's Day Rehabilitation Program offers comprehensive rehabilitation services on an outpatient basis to patients who have diagnoses including, but not limited to: Neurologic disorders from stroke, brain injury or spinal cord injury, Amputations, Arthritis or rheumatic disease, General debilitation, Multiple Sclerosis, Guillian Barre and other neuropathies, Multiple trauma and orthopedic disorders
  4. Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific (REHAB) is the only acute care medical rehabilitation organization serving both Hawaii and the Pacific.  For more than 52 years, the hospital and its outpatient clinics on Oahu, Maui and Hawaii have been dedicated to providing comprehensive, cost effective rehabilitation.
  5. St. John's Rehab is the only hospital in Ontario solely dedicated to specialized rehabilitation. They develop individually customized rehabilitation for people with the most complex needs. With advanced, responsive multidisciplinary care, breakthroughs in research and a caring, nurturing environment, St. John’s Rehab is rebuilding people’s lives.
  6. As one of the nation's foremost rehabilitation facilities for children and adults, Madonna foundation offers many highly specialized programs and services for those who have suffered a debilitating injury or illness. The hospital is a state-of-the-art facility where patients achieve the most independent and productive lifestyle possible after experiencing an accident, illness or injury, whether permanent or temporary.