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Knee Rehabilitation


Rehabilitation is the main process or method to successful functional recovery after knee injuries and surgery. Early motion and weightbearing are essential for successful rehabilitation outcomes. Individual rehabilitation programme following knee injury or surgery should be developed on the basis of the knee structures injured, the severity of the injury, the surgical procedure, and the goals of the patient and the physiotherapist.

Knee Rehabilitation after knee implants

While the recovery period can be extensive and needs commitment as with other knee implants associated with weight bearing surfaces, most patients can perform necessary low impact activities like walking or driving relatively early in the program. Return to work depends on thedemands placed on the implanted knee.

In the first six weeks or early stage, patients should protect their weight from loading the implantby using crutches. The transition phase, approximately week 13 - 6 months post implantation, stresses developinggreater strength in the muscles that support your knee. Your tolerance for standing and theamount you walk should also increase.

Knee Rehabilitation Program

Your knee rehabilitation program begins in the hospital after surgery. Early goals of knee rehabilitation in the hospital are to reduce knee stiffness and maximize post-operative range of motion as well as to help you get ready for discharge.

Over the coming days, you will work to achieve some of the goals you will need to return to independent living. Most patients stay in the hospital for 3-6 days. You may then be sent home if they can do the following:

  • Walk down the hallway with a walker or crutches
  • Climb a short set of stairs
  • Fully straighten the knee
  • Bend the knee (hopefully to 90 degrees)
  • Perform home exercises

Once you’ve completed your knee rehabilitation therapy, you can expect a range of motion from 100-120 degrees of knee flexion, mild or no pain with walking or other functional activities, and independence with all activities of daily living.

Patients can usually resume their regular diet upon returning home. Make sure you have a list of all medications you need following discharge from the hospital. Furthermore, make sure you know when and for how long to take any new medications.