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Vocational Rehabilitation Services


The goal of Vocational Rehabilitation Services is to obtain, maintain, and improve employment for people with disabilities by working with Vocational Rehabilitation consumers, employers, and other partners. The mail goals include:

  • Opportunity to enter the workplace
  • A chance to enjoy the rewards of employment
  • Path toward independence

How Vocational Rehabilitation Services are important?

Enabling our injured soldiers, sailors, airmen, and other veterans with disabilities for a seamless transition from military service to a successful rehabilitation and on to suitable employment after service to our Nation. For some severely disabled veterans, this success will be to live independently, achieving the highest quality of life possible with a realized hope for employment given future advances in medical science and technology. The Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment service strives to exceed the service delivery expectations of veterans and their families.

The Vocationa Rehabilitation (Rehab) Program can help disabled combined forces Veterans who need support to re-enter civilian life. Family members can be involved in your Rehab Program. In most cases, the Rehab Program will be provided through a network of local experts and resources. Services can be used alone, or together, depending on what you need.

The benefits of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  1. Medical - health care experts will work with you to stabilize and restore your health, make it easier for you to cope with your health problems, and help your body and mind function as well as possible.
  2. Psycho/Social - will help you restore your independence and adapt your life to your situation.
  3. Vocational - will help you to learn if it is possible to transfer your skills and education from your military job to a similar civilian job.