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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation


Improperly using of any drug, illegal or prescribed, on a regular basis, whether heroin, cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy or prescription drugs like tranquilizers, sleeping pills-all are abused alike. However, drug abuse and drug dependence are two different ideas completely. The former is a voluntary abuse of drugs, while the latter often occurs at a later stage-when a person is unable to control his use of drugs.

Drug addiction also often involves an increased risk for a wide variety of other illnesses which is brought on by poor living and health habits, not to mention the of toxic effects of the drugs themselves. Whether a person has a drug or alcohol addiction, the point is to be considerate of the individual in their road to drug addiction recovery and persuade them to Drug Rehab.

Facts about alcohol and Drugs effects on woman

  • Women start using alcohol and drugs for different reasons than men.
  • Women metabolize alcohol and drugs different than men, enabling them to become addicted more quickly and experience more progressive and destructive physical health affects from using.
  • Women experience co-occurring mental health disorders differently than men including depression, anxiety, eating disorders and post-traumatic stress syndrome, which need to be addressed in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.
  • There are often barriers for women to seek and receive treatment for addiction including childcare and family needs, stigma and shame and financial concerns.