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Prisoner Rehabilitation


Offenders and Prisioners participating in prisioner rehabilitation programs are encouraged to participate in a wide range of educational and vocational training programs that are available throughout the State while they are in custody. Programs are managed by the Education and Vocational Training Unit and are aimed at securing employment for offenders upon release. Offenders are referred to rehabilitation programs to address specific offending behaviour. If completed, these programs play an important part in the Parole Board’s consideration of work release and parole applications.

Rehabilitation Techniques for Prisioners

  1. Rehabilitation techniques vary according to the nature of the offender, the type of offence committed, and the institution in question.
  2. Techniques vary from educational and vocational training to help the offender learn a skill for use outside the prison, to psychological rehabilitation, dealing with various problems the individual offender may experience.
  3. Drug-addicted prisoners can also receive treatment for their condition in some prisons.
  4. Rehabilitation takes place both inside prison, and in some cases, once an offender has been released, on Resettlement Programmes.
  5. Help continues to be provided in these circumstances by the Probation Service and other agencies, either as a condition of their early release, or to ease the transition into the community.
  6. Whatever rehabilitation takes place inside prison, many former inmates experience considerable difficulty reintegrating into society because of the attitudes of others.

Prisioner Rehabilitation Steps

  1. The first step in rehabilitation is accurate individual assessment of prisoners on admission to prison.
  2. A full assessment of needs and risk is as essential for a prisoner entering prison as for a patient entering hospital.