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Asthma Cause, Symptoms, Treatment and Cure


A respiratory trouble causing impairment in breathing air by individuals is characterized by this disorder. Short breathing, particularly breathing out is impaired in this condition. Wheezing while exhaling, coughing, tightness in the chest is the feature of the asthma. The process of bronchial muscles spasm due to the narrowing of air passage marks the reaction. The narrowing can occur because of inflammation, that is, accumulation of fluid in the walls or the spasm of the bronchial muscle themselves. In some cases, the 'collapse of the posterior walls of trachea and bronchi is reported. This can be caused by allergic reaction, bacterial viral infection and psychological factors.

Like every other emotional disorder there are theoretical explanation of psychological disorders. One such theoretical framework is offered by the pure physiological theory. It explains the disorder in terms of weakness in the body of a person. Accordingly, specific body organ of a person is predisposed towards specific kind of psychological disorder and an external stress precipates the disordered reactions.

The psychoanalytic theory, however stress on the unconscious conflict underlying the psycho-physiological disorder. It explains that behind such disorder there is a repressed longing for parental love. The frustrations caused. by non-fuillment of love-demanding wishes in early childhood are at the bottom of the emotional conflict. Similarly the repression of hostile feelings towards parents at that stage is also deeply associated with such unconscious conflicts which give rise to peptic ulcer and hypertension in individuals.

The psychosomatic disorder was brought into prominence psychoanalysis, In fact, the psycho-physiological explanation or the psychomotic disorder is the oldest of all psychological theories and was pioneered by Alexander (1950).

The learning theorist put forth that like others emotional disorders are brought upon by conditioning, classical as well as instrument. But despite their arguments, it is not conclusively established that faulty learning or conditioning causes the psycho-physiological disorder. This much is, indeed, agreed that once the reaction occurs, it gets reinforced and aggravated. Grace and Graham (1962) carried out correlation studies towards stressful situations resulting into different kinds of psycho-physiological disorder, the attitudes:

  • Being prevented from doing something in eczema.
  • Being mistreated in Urticaria.
  • Feelings to avoid escape from difficult situations as to ignore it in asthma.
  • To be constantly on guard against ever-present threat in hypertension.
  • To seek revenge in duodenal ulcer. To indulge in hostile physical activity without proper knowledge of the . activity in Raymand's disease.

Further more studies linking personality variable to psycho-physiological disorder have been and results are encouraging. In recent years Jeokins (1974) categorization of personality type A and B has become exceedingly popular. Type A people are those who strive hard to achieve in life, are always tense, pushed for time keeping, unable to relax, etc, fall victim to heart attacks in twice as much as people of B type. Who do not have these personality characteristics?

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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