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Health is more than the absence of disease. It is a state of optimal well being.

Wellness is a philosophy of life encompassing seven dimensions, represented by the word BELIEFS - Body, Emotions, Livelihood, Intelleet, Earth, Family/Friends, and Spirit/Soul.

Wellness requires balance. Each dimension is akin to a spoke on a wheel, a wellness mindset seeks to grow in each dimension, not just one, so that the wheel rolls smoothly.

  • Physical wellness helps to determine the longevity and quality of life. It requires regular physical activity, eating well, making responsible decisions, getting regular medical check­ups and taking steps to prevent injuries.
  • The Social dimension emphasizes the interdependence with others and nature, including the pursuit of harmony in one's family and community. Good communication skills, establishing a capacity for experiencing intimacy and identifying a support network of friends and family helps bolster interpersonal and social wellness.
    The Occupational dimension involves investing time in areas which will gain per­sonal satisfaction and enrichment by contributing one's unique gifts, skills and talent.
    Spiritual wellness possesses a set of values or beliefs that give meaning or purpose to life. It helps one get through difficult times and can be practiced in the form of nature, art, meditation, activism or organized religion. The qualities of Emotional wellness include selfesteem, selfacceptance, selfconfidence, selfontrol, satisfying relationships and the ability to share feelings.
  • The Intellectual component of wellness involves a capacity to think critically, the openness to new ideas, creativity, sense of humor and curiosity.
  • Environmental wellness requires learning about and protecting oneself from environmental hazards, and doing what is possible to help reduce or eliminate those hazards.

Wellness is subjective. Each one of us perceives wellness differently. For someone it may mean developing better communication skills, for another it is losing those extra kilos that will instill confidence and that sense of well being!

Optimal wellness depends on a healthy balance of four fundamentals: physical activity, eating habits, managing stress and preventive measures such as regular medical examinations and check-ups.

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