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How to Get Rid of Psychasthenia


Psychasthenia includes obsessive compulsive reactions and phobias. The two classes of symptoms have independent origin and are best considered separately obsessive.

Compulsive symptoms refer to irritable and persistent urges to do say, or think about certain things, uncontrolled impulses to touch objects, repeat words, count steps and engage in repetitive movements are some illustrations.

Phobias are abnormal fears, which are appropriate reactions to dangerous situations or objects. Phobias are unreasonable or groundless fears. People who have an exaggerated fear of germs or who are terrified of harmless things such as open places, closed places, crowds, are suffering from phobias.

Facts and Tips about Psychasthenia

  • Psychasthenia is an emotional or mental disorder described by irrational fear, fascination, and obligation.
  • In this type of disorder there is no control on thinking or thoughts.
  • Tianeptine drug is an antidepressant which is helpful to control depression and fear.
  • Drink orange and lemon juice to prevent excessive loss of water due to sweating.
  • Hypnotherapy and psychotherapies are beneficial to overcome this disorder.
  • Do not watch horror movies and do not think about bad experiences in the past.
  • Talk freely with your friends or family members about your problem regarding to your disorder.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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