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Our Thought is the most important and influential factor in depressive illness. It is one's way of thinking about what is happening to one. Since the people with depressive personality, may have the habit of thinking negative and looking on the black side, they may find it difficult to overcome depression.

Another factor which causes depression to take roots is low self esteem - people with low esteem are more prone and susceptible to depression. A person with low esteem tends to think that their wishes and feelings are less important than those of the people around them. They have lost the ability to put themselves first due to various reasons, if they ever had it. They have no idea of how they would feel or act if left to their own devices, because their lives are almost totally laid out for the needs of others.

In brief it is the feeling that one does not deserve anything, that one is not as important as others. It is felt by people who have always been made or expected to put others first.

Mothers of young children and careers of the elderly or disabled are often victims of low esteem. Problem only arises when they find themselves confronted by a choice between what they suddenly discover they really want and their 'duty'. They feel guilty at discovering that they have wants that can only be fulfilled at some cost to those for whom they are caring.

There is definitely a relation between our mind and our body. The relationship between the way one thinks effects the way a person and his body reacts. This is perhaps the most important aspect of all psychological, and possibly physical, illness, yet most people ignore it completely.

We should now begin to acknowledge that the way we think, the expressions we have on our faces, and perhaps even the ways in which we move, may, in their turn, actually change the chemicals that are released inside us, and especially in our brains where our emotions are controlled.

The sufferer is in an emotional prison. It is the hardest of all to break out of - but is not impossible. Try developing the habit of positive affirmation. You can know about these techniques in our section - power of positive thinking. And also try out some self help techniques to develop your self-esteem. Finally and the most important is that ' Believe in yourself'.

Remember the bottomline remains same:

Always believe in yourself.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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