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How to Beat the Winter Blues?


Winter means cold weather, shorter days and for many people its the time for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). This condition affects up to 6 percent of American adults and as many as 5 percent of children between 9 and 19 years old. At least another 10 to 20 percent of Americans are estimated to suffer from milder symptoms related to the changing seasons. The lack of light exposure in the winter or an imbalance in the amount of melatonin produced by the pineal gland are believed to date to be the cause of SAD.

Beating the Winter blues

Take a few minutes for yourself and ask yourself: Which color do I need? Then, imagine you are bathing and floating in that color. Remember that it’s not necessary to see the color in vivid details in your mind; just the basic outline and feeling, even using the name of it is enough. When ready, breathe the color deeply all through your body. This short exercise is guaranteed to make you feel great. If the sun is not shinning where you are, visualize in your mind a beautiful sunny scene. Again, just the basic outline, feeling, or even thought is enough. Feel the warmth of a sunny day and breathe deeply those good feelings all through your body until you feel full.

Simpler techniques that may help people beat this seasonal lethargy include sticking to a structured schedule, which includes spending part of the day out of the house. Exercise also helps treat depression by getting the blood moving and releasing endorphins.

How to beat the Winter blues?

  1. Leave the house - with kids spending a greater amount of time indoors, they are more susceptible to communicable diseases. It's a myth that outdoor chills or drafts can bring on colds, so dress your children warmly and usher them out the door. The exercise will lift their mood and contribute to better health.
  2. Lighten things up - for those with sad, a concentrated exposure in front of a light box can help, but everyone benefits from a bright environment. Open the curtains and sit by sunny windows to read stories.
  3. Screen your visitors - if your biggest cause of winter stress is perpetually sick children, make sure playmates are healthy before allowing your kids to share air with them.
  4. Alter your diet. Studies have shown that vitamins C and A and zinc can reduce a cold's intensity and duration.
  5. Outsmart a virus - Use paper cups to reduce the likelihood of your kids drinking out of the same glass.
  6. Talk to your doctor about the use of vitamin B12 and melatonin supplements and ask for suggestions about medications you might try. Watch your diet and get as much exercise as you can manage to keep your weight down.
  7. Eat foods for high energy - foods that give the best 'miles per gallon'. These foods are - unprocessed, organic, nutrient-rich whole foods such as apples, pears and berries and all vegetables, and also whole grains.

Tips to help yourself with Winter Blues

  1. Don't let the blues get you down. winter does end and spring does return.
  2. Don't overtax yourself or become discouraged when you aren't able to accomplish the things you can do in the summer.
  3. Best tip of all: If you can manage it, take a winter holiday every year in someplace warm and sunny.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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