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Seven Ways to become Emotionally Stronger


Are we aware, as a person, about the need of constant ongoing self-improvement. Most of us will say yes, but still undermine its importance. The emphasis is placed majorly on external factors such as physical fitness, acquiring skills to make yourself a stronger leader, etc. Any of these external will not take us anywhere. We need a strong support from our inner core to gain right self improvement in true sense. There are many gurus who advocate that both the physical and mental core need regular workouts.

Ways to become strong from inside

Some of the different ways to make a emotionally stronger personality lies somewhere understanding the why of life rather than what of life. Being happy is the ultimate goal but how is the thing to find - in collaboration with your inner being.

1. Ask yourself "Why?" Then find your answer.

Find your own gift of life, said Shakespeare. If one can find the answer to question, why the person wants something rather than what, many of the inner difficulties and unnecessary struggles go away. Greater focus on purpose cultivates the strength and motivation to tackle any kind of adverse situations (failures or setback).

2. Put yourself first. - Make your well-being your top priority so that you have all the courage, strength and fulfilment to control the life flow. Before trying to help someone else, get your own tools and equipments ready for handling life challenges.

3. Find your own ways to calm yourself. UnLearn or unfollow the self-soothing techniques which you have used all across your past life. You need to learn it all over again and work on it daily like your outer body. Do anything like meditate daily, nature walk, gardening, sipping tea in silent place, etc. which can help to recharge you.

4. Always look for new opportunities rather than crisis - Crisis can change your entire life, either for good or for bad, the choice is on us. For example, take the job loss as an opportunity to accept and adapt to change, look for new opportunities and ultimately improve lives.

5. Start looking at your priorities - Align your behaviour with the values of life. Changing priorities in the situation of major crisis helps us adjust to the changing circumstances.

6. Recognize your inner strength - Mentally strong people draw upon their inner strength and they strive on their ability to deal with whatever life throws their way.

7. Make a list of worries in your life and tackle them one at a time. This will make things clear on paper and you will be able to take things in perspective. Now make a list of things which is working well in your life. Use both list to adjust priorities which can make good things stay longer while removing things from worry list.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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