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Charles Haley, football, on bipolar disorder


Charles Haley is a famous American Football player. He is one and only player in NFL history who has won five Super Bowls. Haley was a as a member of 49ers’ championship teams won two seasons the Super Bowls XXIII and XXIV. Then he joined Dallas Cowboys where he was winner in three more Super Bowl rings. He began his NFL career as a line backer and was part of San Francisco team in sacks in first six seasons. He has four double-digit sack totals and a career high of 16 sacks in 1990.

Things were going very good till the year 1995-96. He scored two more sacks. But then he suffered a serious back injury in 1996 which limited his career to 5 more games only. He underwent back surgery and retired just after that.

After waiting for 2 years away from game, he played two last playoff games in 1998. Last, in 1999, he played his final season and added 3 more sacks to his tally.

Charles and Bipolar Disorder

Haley has long suffered silently from bipolar disorder but he chose not to take help or open up aboutthe illness. He was a very difficult person in the game and for the team. He always used to argue and bicker with the mates and the coach. According to insiders, the 49ers actually traded him because of the locker-room situation. It was a mistake for 49ers since post that Charles helped the Cowboys win 3 Super bowls in a span of 4 years. He has been constantly told by his mates and wife that he has some troubles and his wife in 1998 suggested him to go for check-up for Bipolar.

He said in an Interview that the 16 year old inside his 22 year old self has been shouting for help, but he ignored the cries and never asked for help. He mentioned this in his enshrinement speech.

Sports accomplishments

  1. Haley amassed 100.5 sacks during his 169-game career.
  2. Charles was named the NFC Defensive Player of the Year award in the year 1990 and 1994.
  3. Voted to five Pro Bowls
  4. Named All-Pro two times

How Charles taking Bipolar today

After years of silent struggling with the mental illness, Haley now is able to take care of his massively dramatic mood swings with the right combination of therapy, medicine and will power.

He is actually trying to fight against the disease which has haunted him silently for 2 decades. The fight is tough, but he is somehow managing the show of life.

While he was at his career making days, Haley had from bipolar disorder yet chose not to seek help. Haley is a good man at heart and he is strong and supportive father for his 4 children. He and his wifehave been divorced now.

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