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Jay Guillermo | The American Football Lineman Struggles with Depression


Jay Guillermo was born on Aug 26, 1994 in Maryville Tennessee. He is a famous American Football player who plays for the Clemson Tigers. He graduated from the Maryville High School with a major in Sociology. He stands about 6' 3" and weights close to 325 lbs. He plays as an offensive lineman for the Clemsons. Some of his early football highlights are as below:

Before starting with Clemsons, he was rated as the No. 89 player across the US and ranked as no 1 centre player in the nation. He was also ranked as first-team All-American by ESPN. He was crowned as the Mr. Football Lineman-of-the-Year in Tennessee. He was the county player of the year and led his team to win with 15-0 score in the senior stage. He sstarted with Clemson in 2012 class after being recruited by Dan Brooks.

Off late, this junior offensive lineman was off from practice and took leave of absence from the early March February through the early August while his teammates were busy doing spring and summer workouts. As he puts in his own words, he was busy fighting with depression. He said, "It was a lot of depression, anxiety, that started to consume me. I want people to get benefit after knowing my story." In February, after botting the feelings for so long, the situation became out of control in Februrary and becaome pretty serious.

How Jay Recovered from Depression?

Well the time off, he took from his regular routine and practice/matches, was a magic for him. First he admitted that he as depression or some mental illness so to say. Guillermo started seeing a counselor, and admitted to get help for his depression. he started with endocrinologist, a sleep specialist and a general physician. He was driving his little brother to school everyday and channelled his inner energy with personal reflection and doctor’s appointments. He was able to clear his enigma of self doubt. He was back on his place to be the best Footballer and the lineman.

According to one of his close friends, it was sad to see a guy like Jay in such a dark spot. But now it seems he is starting to have fun all over again.

Brief statistics of Guillermo

Year 2014

1. Three knockdowns in 207 snaps over eight games
2. Played 26 snaps at No. 12 Georgia
3. 52 snaps against SC State
4. 12 snaps at No. 1 Florida State
5. 47 snaps against North Carolina
6. Two knockdowns in 16 snaps against NC State
7. Seven snaps against Georgia State
8. Three snaps against South Carolina
9. One knockdown in 44 snaps against No. 24 Oklahoma

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