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How to be assertive with your spouse


//Anyone can be assertive but it involves practice. Being assertive is good for marriage you can't get what you want from your man without telling him. But even if you feel you can't just come right out and say what you want, you can still get your point across. The key is non-verbal communication. Assertiveness is a unique tool for any manager's toolbox or for anyone who can apply it in their daily lives.

Assertiveness is for the most part is straight forward, honest and identifies personal needs to another person. where others can develop there own style as a learned behavior. Those who have supreme skill with assertiveness will reduce conflict in the workplace, at home and other social environments. Assertive behavior seems to be the stress reducer in awkward situations and usually becomes the peacemaker in chaotic environments.

There are many ways to develop an assertive approach for managing conflict. Cultures have their own norms they abide by so be courteous when attempting to be assertive in a diverse environment. It is easy to attack others verbally in conflict, don't hurt others when trying to express yourself. Identify your feelings in a respectful manner. After all it's not what is said but how it is said with the tone of the speaker. Most important of all the factors when developing your assertive style you must listen.

Finding a balance

Assertiveness training is something that involves looking to get a good balance in one’s mood. It is believed that many relationships can be aggressive or passive. Finding a balance to where one is in neither factor is the key to assertiveness training. Being more assertive can help to get someone to feel more comfortable. There are a number of different things to think about when it comes to working for a good plan to avoid balance concerns.

Feeling calm is the key

It will help to take a look at how comfortable one is with different activities. This is important because feeling calm is going to help to allow a person to keep from being too aggressive. It will help to avoid working with anger. Anger can not only keep a person from being assertive but they can also make it difficult for a person to be respected or treated fairly by other people.

Do not easily give in

A good part of assertiveness training involves working to keep a person from giving up and surrendering to different things that someone is being asked for. The big problem with passive behavior is that a person might be easily controlled by different requests. A person who is more assertive will end up being calm and less likely to feel upset over different things.

Allow others to respect you

A person who wants to work with a good plan for assertiveness training should work to allow a plan to get the self to be respected by others. It will help to work with a plan that involves getting a plan to work to where the person who enters a program will learn how to control one’s language and behaviors. This is so a person will end up feeling more comfortable and less likely to be upset.

Learn how to be assertive

Assertive behavior is the medium that makes everyone come out on top feeling better about the situation. Everyone wins when

If you are getting too little of what you want and too much of what you do not like, now is the time to assert yourself and have complete control of your destiny!

assertiveness is used properly.

Oozing with self-confidence and being positive about your future

Feeling secure in a truthful and stable relationship

Gaining the trust and respect of your co-workers and friends.

Feeling more in command and confident of your decisions.

Getting the best opportunities to enjoy what you really want from life.Assertiveness will help you get what you really want. Assertiveness requires direct, open, and honest communication between people. This can be between you and an associate, a friend, or spouse.

Start right at this moment! Decide to become more assertive, decisive, and be more in control of your life.

Husbands prefer their wives to be assertive with them. They actually want to please their wives. They want their wives to be happy. But all too often husbands don't know what it is their wife needs because she doesn't speak up for her self assertively!

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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