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What not to say to your partner


There are quite many tips available on the internet todat to makeyour partner happy. There are ways also in which you should not react back to your partner. We have compiled a list of things you should not say to your partner which can infuriate him or her. This is just a small first cut list of things. There could be many others which can make life difficult for the sending and recieving end both if care is not taken while delivering the speech.

  1. Don't discuss about the Ex - While it's natural to think about your ex, the Internet has increasingly made exes a bigger threat than ever before. The phenomenon of searching online for one's ex, which the majority of Americans admit to, can really make your partner jealous and fearful-especially since the phenomenon of people reuniting with very old flames has recently exploded
  2. Don't criticise the friends to your partner - Your partner's circle of friends probably come in three different categories: a perfect package, nice enough, and how the hell can the two of you be friends? In that last category, there are all kinds of crazies-maybe she's too controlling, or maybe he's a bad influence. Whatever the case, know your audience. You may not like the friends, but your partner has more history with them than with you.
  3. Don't say you are tired of the house work - Remember, the man or woman you love is probably as exhausted as you, and even if they’re not, they shouldn’t have to pick up your dirty socks, move a couch by themselves, or take the kids to lacrosse practice just because you did a little work.
  4. Don't bring old matters and mix them into new ones - Everyone makes mistakes, but small infractions done long ago are not hooks to hang your hat on when you want to avoid blame for something you’re doing in the present.
  5. Always address the issue at hand. Come to the table with some things you feel you can change. Then give logical, personal reasons why you prefer to stay the same about other things.
  6. You're acting just like your mother/my mother/my ex-girlfriend. All the 3 can create troubles
  7. Betraying each other's secrets - There is one sacred rule about pillow talk: It is never ever to be repeated, to anyone. This is especially true when one of you divulges anything derogatory about friends or colleagues or makes those intimate, highly embarrassing childhood confessions.
  8. Criticizing when your honey is trying his or her best - When your partner is truly trying his or her best to do a job, especially if it's an opportunity to help out in a new way that gives you a break, don't criticize.

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