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25 ways to keep your marriage romantic


Many romance ideas which makes joy, direction, & encouragement to marriage for romance, intimacy, and spiritual growth within marriage. When someone says the word marriage today we think about two people who are in love and who want to spend the rest of their lives with each other.  Romance means two people share everything together and keep the sparks in their relationship flying. A couples retreat maybe the answer where you go away with other couples wanting help with their relationships. In long term relationship romance eventually dies.

Ways for keeping romance

  1. Do not loose your first dating feeling.
  2. Hold each other. A simple hug can do wonders.
  3. Write a lover letter for your spouse.
  4. You can go for picnic in outside or local place.
  5. Create a love montage by collecting some photographs of you and your
  6. Do not discuss your problems when your spouse is in happy mood.
  7. Call your spouse during the day and say something romantic.
  8. Leave sweet message on voicemail for your partner.
  9. Look for some little act or chore you can do for your spouse to make his (or her) life easier.
  10. Try to understand your spouse in his bad time.
  11. Improve your abilities to communicate with your partner.
  12. Celebrate every occasion you can think of.
  13. to frame a picture of your spouse that shows him or her in a flattering way.
  14. Do not neglect your spouse.
  15. Be willing to forgive.
  16. Talking in front of your spouse to someone else about your partner's good points is romantic.
  17. Impress your spouse by giving valentine's gift.
  18. Float a love note in a bottle in the bathtub.
  19. Always have tapes of romantic music in your car.
  20. Take a piece of paper, cut it into small pieces, and write "I love you" on each piece.
  21. Find a pottery place that lets you pick and decorate your own pottery.
  22. Explain your point of view and say you are sorry for any misunderstandings. 
  23. Give her flowers on your children's birthdays. 
  24. Sing a love song in the shower.
  25. Leave a single red rose on her pillow.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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