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How to find a long-lost friend


A friend is a person you know well and regard with affection and trust. He or she is an ally: an associate who provides assistance. A friend can be an acquaintance as well who inturn is a person with whom you are acquainted. It is quite usual with the growing world and the expanding opportunities next door, to fall out of contact with friends. Over the years, you've probably lost contact with a may be lot of friends or few friends.

How to find a long lost friend?

There are ways in which you can search for your lost friends. Here are couple of ways in which you can search for your long lost friends:

  • Google with your friends name. Enter your friend's name surrounded by quotes. Try combinations of nicknames or variations on the name as well. For certain common names, narrow down your search with location, profession or interests, etc.
  • Increase your blogging poweress and start your own blog as well. This will increase your visibility and the chances of your friend finding you on internet increases.
  • Browse internet for Google, Kim, bigadda.com, MySpace, Facebook, Orkut.com, Wink, LinkedIn, Classmates.com, LiveJournal.com, etc.
  • Many a people often search for their own names and identities on the Internet. Take advantage of this and start a blog on Blogger.com, LiveJournal.com, WordPress.com, etc on your friend. These Blogging services are free and you'll be up and going in minutes.
  • Social-networking sites offer another advantage in terms of the connections it can create for you. They are incredibly popular.
  • Go to Pipl.com to search the deep Web. These are pages omitted from most search results.
  • Your school's alumni site may help you find lost friends.
  • There are plenty of other people search services. There may also be a birth year.

Poem on Long Lost Friends

Once was here now is gone
I will always love forever the laughs the tears the smiles
without her my life has no direction no ups nor downs
no smiles or frowns
I miss her I cry I see her I lie
what ever went wrong I can mend
I will always love forever my very best friend

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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