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Are you in a co dependent relationship?


There are multiple ways to describe the co dependency. Co independency is relationship between mutually needy people. Co dependence can happen in any family where parents are trying their best, but learned unhealthy patterns of relating. Enabling and condescendence always go together. It is emotional disorder which affects people all sides of the life. The person may be spouse, parent or care giver. In today's world co-dependency becomes common expression. This term occurs when two people come together because they feel that they never stand alone. They feel that they do not have capability to do things lonely. Takers or caretakers do not take responsibility of their well being.

Are you co dependent?

People who are co dependent are increases weaknesses and needs for others. Such people take impractical responsibility of others. They are making fool themselves by thinking that they are loving kind and giving. Such people have difficulty of saying know. Such people needs counseling and therapy. If you will angry when you will do something for others and they forget to give you thanks then you are co dependent. If you feel guilty while spending money, time and resources on your own project instead of giving time to others then you are co dependent. If you tried to solve the others problem with strength and failed to give them solution, you feel guilty. It means you are co dependent.

Ways to know co dependent

In co dependence we need to each other. it is healthy thing. We are born ed dependent and needy. Both the classic co dependent patterns and the classic counter dependent patterns are behavioral defenses, strategies, designed to protect us from being abandoned. When we are unable to identify ourselves and people also do same thing then we become upset and in this way we become co dependent. Such type of relationship always run into problem. Many people leave these relationship because they find problem in their relationship. Classic co dependent have their sense od self crushed.

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