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Friends increase your enjoyment of life andreduce feelings of loneliness. Friends are the basic need of need of human being. Interactions between two friends are more similar and important than interaction of person with his family. Making friends is different task for each individual, for someone it is very hared but for some people it is easy and loving. Friends are those who love you, care for you, understand you in your bad and good time. It make your life worth living. Many people are unaware of the role of good friend in their life. A true friends walk in when others walk out. Good coomunication creates a strong bond between you and your friend. Friendship and love based on trust – friendship between soul mates.

Skills for making friends

  • Carefully listen when people talk with you.
  • Keep attention on your friends whenever the need you in their good or bad time.
  • Appriciate your friend for his good things.
  • Do not interfere in your friends life.
  • Do not lie with your friend.
  • Keep secret which are told to you.
  • Kindness matters in friendship.
  • Love yourself and your friends also.
  • Be in touch with your friend every day.
  • Keep special time every day.
  • Always be careful not to be critical with your friend.
  • Good communication is key of best friendship.
  • Do not doubt on your friend.
  • Friendship must be calm.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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