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How moving cross-country will affect a relationship


Movements and shifting home cross country are not an easy task and require lot of planning and lot of unrest alteast till the time everything settles down. This situation in life can affect the relationship between spouses and partners both in negative aspect as well in positive aspects. Many a couples tend to come closer and start believing in each others capabilities as they see other person doing the part of his or her job. Whereas some other couples tend to fight a lot in terms of small nitty gritties of cross country movement.

Shifting and its effects on Relationship

To understand the impact of the movement on the relationship, we first need to undetstand the cause of the movement. Generally the move is driven by the better job or better opportunity for one of the partner. This means that either one of the person got a hike in salary or opportunities and he or she is looking forward to this change. Now in this situation, a lot of discussion is required within the partners to decide finally about the movement. Since the person who is still there with his or her old job might now be happy with the movement and need to sacrifice the work or life or both. Whereas if you look at the positive aspects, then in that case, the partners will probably be in a better financial shape than before. They might have less worries about money matters and has more freedom to take holidays, dine out, and enjoy life luxuriously. Financial security is one important factor to our overall happiness, and this can be a positive change for a couple.

Finance and planning a new city movement

How much you are going to spend in the new city in terms of your daily chores and your daily expenses also needs to be penned down in order to have better control over the decision you are going to take. This will further reduce the risk factors involved in terms of relationship turmoil due to financial instability. If the cost of living is significantly lower than in their previous city, then obviously, they will have more disposable income and more financial freedom. In the opposite case, if the cost of living is higher, this might need adjustment in the lifestyle.

Another aspect of movement is that you are leaving all your social circuit behind in the old city and you need to start all over again from scratch to build your social group and new friends. Starting over in a new city is definitely difficult, and in certain cases both partners may feel lonely. This is important when one partner is at home. Communication and planning is the key again to solve the marital conflicts and it can help partners resolve differences and live life fully. Both persons must speak freely about his or her needs, likings, ambitions, requirements, etc without teasing or blaming other person.

The basic facts of relationship always remain same. Keep them in place and you can succeed in all the changes, movements, turmoils in life. The fact is it should be mutual win-win situation for both persons. Communication is the key and planning makes it happen.

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