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How to identify community of caring


There is connection and support to each other in a community. There are sharing of responsibilities and communal points in the true community. Many keys to creating community in the modern world can be taken from the practices of this group. Replication of community can be done with the help of efforts, prayer and group dynamics. People want to feel a part of crowd. In any community common goal is discussed and driven the solution. It does not mean that integrity is dumped to mob mentality. community of caring has unique focus on disabilities. This community has founded in 1982. Such type of communities believes in creating caring relationship. It is program which community caring school selects. This is built around young people to be responsible and caring members of community.

Values of community of caring

The five values are caring, Respect, Responsibility, Trust, and Family.  This are universally accepted values. These values are taught and lived in the school. Values are the reason we give for our work or creation. Ability to develop the values of democratic free society is greatest challenge. Caring is rooted in our emotions and feelings. Community caring process reflects in our faith. Communities promotes for all members. If people are supported and encouraged then they are supportive and loyal. It is not easy task to teach people to love each other. Community of caring provides opportunity to interact with each other. Practice random acts of caring. This enhances personal safty.comm unity of caring creates additional activities of the youth. Just make a commitment to do an act of kindness every day. 

ways to identify community of caring

You must be expressive and reinforce the 5 values of community as respect, trust, caring, responsibility and family. following are some ways to identify community of caring.

  • Attend the training of community of care.
  • Recognize and rejoice the good things which happens in community.
  • Encourage your family members for serving the community.
  • Proudly display a community of caring.
  • Understanding the meaning and importance of the community of caring.
  • Ask for the help to the people of community of care.

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