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Charcot Marie Tooth disease


Charcot Marie Tooth disease is related with peripheral nervous system. This disease is mainly ordinary hereditary neurological disorders. Charcot Marie Tooth is also known as peripheral neuropathies. Shortly, Charcot Marie Tooth disease is called as CMT. CMT is affected on both sensory as well as motor nerves. It is one type of inherited disease. Charcot Marie Tooth disease mainly often has an effect on the legs, arms, hands and feet.

Some types of Charcot Marie Tooth disease

There are a few type of Charcot marie tooth disease;

  1. CMT1 is type of CMT caused by irregularities in the myelin sheath
  2. CMT2 is caused by abnormalities in the axon of the peripheral nerve cell somewhat than the myelin sheath.
  3. CMT3 includes Dejerine-Sottas disease is a harsh demyelinating neuropathy. Infants have muscle weakness and sensory troubles.
  4. CMT4 includes some different subtypes; autosomal recessive demyelinating motor and sensory neuropathies.
  5. CMTX is an X-linked main disease which is originated by a point alteration in the connexin-32 gene on the X chromosome.

What are the causes of Charcot Marie Tooth?

  • Modification of genes is the main cause of charcot marie tooth disease.
  • CMT disease is caused by loss of muscle bulk of the body.
  • CMT disease can pass over a generation until one more baby inherits because of faulty gene on the X- chromosome.
  • Two copies of faulty genes are as well reason of CMT disease.
  • Specific mutation of genes are responsible for this disease.

Symptoms of Charcot Marie Tooth

  • Weakness of lower leg muscle
  • Foot deformities
  • Reduced sensitivity to cold or hot
  • Loss of touch sensation
  • High foot bends
  • Weakness in lower legs, ankles with flat feet
  • Bent toes
  • Complexity in lifting foot at the ankle

Diagnosis of Charcot Marie Tooth disease

  • Different Genetic testing are carries out for diagnosis of CMT.
  • Measuring velocity of nerve impulse is very important in testing of CMT which is approved br Electromyography examination
  • Nerve conduction study is also essential test for diagnosis of CMT disease.
  • Nerve biopsy is also used in diagnosis of Charcot Marie Tooth disease.
  • CMT disease is also detected by DNA blood test.

Treatments for Charcot Marie Tooth

  • Consultation of specialists in neurogenetics is very important in case of action on CMT disease.
  • Ascorbic acid is essential in treatment of Charcot Marie Tooth disease.
  • Different type of chemotherapy are use in treatment of CMT disease.
  • Development of inherited disorder is mainly included in medical treatment of CMT disease.
  • Surgery may be done for improve joint deformities in treatment of CMT disease. Orthopedic surgery is very helpful.
  • In CMT disease, you can also used of different therapies like physical therapy and occupational therapy.