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Essential Tremor (ET)


The alternative names of the essential tremor are familial tremor, senile tremor and movement disorder. Essential tremor is a disorder which causes due to involuntary shaking of body parts. Usually the essential tremor causes due to dealings with many process like heartbeat and minutes. It is a common nervous system disorder.

Essential tremor causes to the both men and women. The percentage of essential tremor is increases as the age increases. It causes to the 1 person out of 5 people. This essential tremor mostly affects to the arm and rarely to the legs. It also causes to the head, tongue and trunk. Tremor causes to the each person in a different way.

Types of Essential Tremor

  • Postural Tremor - Postural Tremor causes when a person is willingly managing a set position.
  • Kinetic Tremor - Kinetic tremor causes when doing job like writing, eating and buttoning a shirt.
  • Internal Tremor - Internal tremor causes in common shaking of hands and also due to sensation which are produces in body.

Causes of Essential Tremor

The main cause of essential tremor is unknown but some causes are as follows -

  • Essential tremor causes due to the genetic inheritance link , in many cases.
  • There are some factors which are responsible for essential tremor like psychological stress, many drinks with caffeine, alcoholic substances, deficient sleep.
  • Generally the essential tremor causes due to some problem in nervous system which controls to the various muscle activities of hands and legs.
  • The age is also very important factors which causes to the ET having the ages over 60.

Symptoms of Essential Tremor

The symptoms of essential tremor are as follows -

  • The essential tremor create difficulties in doing the every day activities like brushing hairs and teeth, eating, writing and drawing.
  • Problem in talking that is voice problem.
  • Mental tress.
  • Head dozing
  • Problem occurs in doing shaving.

Diagnosis of Essential Tremor

  • Various tests are available to do the diagnosis of essential tremor. The test likes neurological test, blood test and urine test.
  • The tests help to find out the problems like thyroid disease, serious metal poison  and side effects of drugs.
  • The patients history also help to the doctor in diagnosis of ET.
  • Some electrophysiologic techniques like EMG are used to diagnosed the ET.
  • The people who don't diagnosed the ET then they cause to the Parkinson's disease.

Treatment of Essential Tremor

The main aim of the treatment is to cure the causing symptoms. The ET is not curable but you can reduce it by some medication, therapies and surgery. For that some treatments are present that are as follows -

  • Yoga, acupuncture, biofeedback  therapies are useful  to cure the symptoms like stress and anxiety.
  • Primidone and propranolol are these medicine help to treat the essential tremor.
  • You can treat the essential tremor by avoiding the risk factors.
  • The therapies like physical and speech therapy help to reduce the Essential tremor.
  • The surgery is important in cases in which essential tremor is critical. Deep brain simulation is is another choice when ET is more sever. In that case medication does not help to cure ET.
  • Brain surgery is the best option to treat the essential tremor.

Prevention Essential Tremor

There are no preventions are available for essential tremor but you can reduce the ET by reducing the following factors

  • Avoid smoking.
  • Avoid to eat substances which contains the caffeine.
  • Avoid excess alcohol abuse.

What is the prognosis of Essential Tremor?

Essential tremor is not critical disease but it can create a difficulty to carry out every day everyday jobs. The treatment of physical therapy help to minimize the tremor and help to develop organization and muscle power for some patients. Essential tremor is not often devastating.  In many situation it can be treated with medication.