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Foot Drop


Foot drop may be muscular as well as neurological problem. Foot drop is also known as drop foot. It consist of problem in lifting front part of leg. Drop foot may be temporary of permanent. Foot drop may be consisting of dorsiflexor injuries, peripheral nerve injuries, stroke, neuropathies, drug toxicities, or diabetes. Foot drop is involves weakness in front part of leg. Stepwise walk is distinguished Foot drop syndrome.

Causes of Foot drop

  • Paralysis of muscles is one of the main cause of foot drop.
  • Muscular as well as anatomical problems are responsible for foot drop.
  • Break down of nerves can also reason of foot drop.
  • Disorder of nervous system is affected on spinal cord which is responsible for drop foot.
  • Foot drop may be caused by some toxic reaction of drugs.
  • Post polio syndrome may be cause of foot drop.
  • Drop foot is also caused by tumor in brain or spinal cord.

Symptoms of Foot drop

  • Difficulty in heel walking is main symptom of foot drop.
  • Weakness in foot is also sign of drop foot.
  • One more sign of foot drop is lack of sensation in leg.
  • Leg pain may be symptoms of foot drop.
  • Dragging toe is also present in foot drop syndrome.

Diagnosis of Foot drop

  • Electromyelogram technique is used for diagnosis of foot drop.
  • Foot drop is tested by MRI scan technique.
  • Physical examination is also useful for detect drop foot.

What are available treatments for Foot drop?

  • Different types of exercise are good treatment for foot drop.
  • Physical therapy is also play an important role in treatment of foot drop.
  • Nerve stimulation is one of the most important treatment of foot drop.
  • For getting foot in normal position, you can try out braces or supports in ankle or foot.
  • In some cases, foot drop is cured by surgical treatment.